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How do we conduct a Hegelian synthesis exercise?

2021.12.02 01:07 ChristosPDamaskos How do we conduct a Hegelian synthesis exercise?

I am trying to synthesize two opposing views on sustainability. One is for weak sustainability (respectful of society and the economy), the other is for strong sustainability (respectful of the environment and the natural resources).
What are the steps to take so that I know I am doing it correctly and overlooking any obvious she/or necessary conclusions?
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2021.12.02 01:07 MacMain49 Shulk can't Monado Arts out of hitstun anymore

So Shulk haters I guess this is your day
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2021.12.02 01:07 roncburj Playing with NFC chips...?

I have an idea with a game I am helping with, and I am curious if anyone else who is working on similar ideas:
I want to print out some "trading cards" that are tied to a specific identity on each... Similar to Skylanders or Amiibos. Where you can level them up and such and trade or sell them.
Anyone have any suggestions on where to get these printed, and how to do this? What equipment do you use to program them?
Disclaimer, it may not be NFC that I am thinking of, so if you know what I am talking about please feel free to correct me.
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2021.12.02 01:07 eddy5522299 Lambo in the rain

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2021.12.02 01:07 throwaway_RA_floof Guy I've been seeing (M24) of 4~ months has been avoidant, told me (M23) I was only wanting attention through a mental break.

tl;dr: The guy I've been seeing has been ignoring me while on an adventure across the state we live in, while I've been struggling at home.
I'm sorry for the length, and I've edited various details on a throwaway. Here is a little background on the both of us:
I met "Ash" in august, and started dating a bit more seriously in September. He wanted to move pretty slow, which I've tried very hard to be supportive of. We also decided to date exclusively, and set a "no dating apps rule" in October. Things had been going great, except for a couple fairly normal arguments that didn't get very heated. One of the things that has always bothered me, about him, has been his communication. He seems to have a habit of being really avoidant and uncommunicative. I'm not sure what really triggers it, but I felt ignored during the weekdays. It felt weird that he just never wanted to text, call, FaceTime, or even see me during the week. Flash forward to mid-November. I get a text late at night from a friend, of a screenshot of Ash on a dating app late at night. After confirming that it was legit, I was able to get a hold of him the next morning. He fessed up, tried to push the fault of his own actions onto me, got defensive. We met for dinner a few days later where he owned up to his fuck up, listened, and we mutually decided to try to keep dating. He got better at his communication and things seemed to be going really well.
Flash forward to the day before Thanksgiving. I am a fairly independent person, that likes both my social time and alone time. In past Thanksgivings (and most holidays) I either fly out to one of my parents' houses, or they come here. That didn't happen this year, as both mom and dad were pretty busy. I was originally invited to a friends for their dinner, when COVID struck their home. So, my plans were bust, and I was going to be alone as Ash would be visiting extended family with his siblings and parents in another part of the state, and I was invited to a smaller Thanksgiving with them this earlier Monday. I got really down in the dumps. I'm not sure what happened, and am seeing my doctor for a sleep specialist, therapist referral, and to see what my options are as far as the issues I'm having. But, it's been a really tough week or so. I've had maybe 2-2.5 full meals since Friday last week, and have had nights of either 5 hours of sleep or none at all. I'm exhausted and feel like shit and anxious. This had started on Wednesday. On Wednesday, when things seemed to be going well with Ash still, I had asked for a short FaceTime on the actual Thanksgiving to see his face and talk for a few minutes. He said yes, so I was looking forward to that. Come Thanksgiving, he sent me a text in the middle of the day wishing me a happy Thanksgiving that was really sweet. After that, nothing. I had sent a text or two later that night asking if he could still FaceTime, and heard nothing. I didn't sleep that night, and had to work a long shift on Black Friday. I texted him before I went in, a sort of 'cry for help', that I was feeling really alone and really shitty and would appreciate a phone call or some texting that night. He texted me when he woke up, saying he was here for me and he was sorry I was feeling so alone, and nothing after that. Saturday, I wasn't hearing anything from him, so I tried calling him. He let it go to VM, and texted shortly after asking if I was okay. This was when I was feeling the crappiest out of most of these days, and he said he'd call me in a few minutes. He never called, but started texting me a bit that night. I filled him in a bit (what I could at least say over text), and he seemed really cold. Somewhat different messages than what I'd really ever received from him, and I asked if the dinner on Monday was still happening and no answer. I texted him good morning on Sunday (figured if he was replying last night, he might be more responsive that day) and nothing. I tried calling again and went to VM. I texted that I'd really appreciate 5 minutes on the phone if he could spare it, and nothing still. I went to work, had a pretty shitty time, got off work and tried calling one more time. This call got ignored immediately. That felt off. I checked his location at this point, and saw him traveling to a completely different part of the state, with no heads up, nothing at all. At this point, I was getting really down on myself and texted him again, "what's going on? If I don't hear from you tonight, somethings gotta be going on". Later that night, he texted a long message saying that "You've known what I'm doing, I don't appreciate my phone being blown up or you assuming something is happening when you know how I am on my phone. I don't want to push you away, but this is really troubling to me"(short summary). I texted back, "I haven't really known what you're doing, you haven't spoken to me about your trip at all. I've needed some support the past few days, and I find it strange that you haven't had five minutes to call at all, and have been pretty off in your communication. I know you're with family you haven't seen in a while, and I know 'how you are on your phone', but I've been completely alone and haven't had many to talk to.(short summary)" Now, today is Wednesday and haven't heard a single thing from him. I think he's back home now, but had traveled up down and sideways across the state. I ended up going to a friends for a couple days so I wouldn't be alone, which helped a lot. Dad called on Tuesday asking why I was acting weird, and I broke down and asked him to come fly out to see me for a couple days. He will be, in the next day or so, and mom called me freaking out, wondering why dad was flying out to stay with me, broke down again and told her what's been going on.
I still haven't heard from Ash, and as mentioned above, haven't been having a good time. I will absolutely and wholeheartedly admit that I went overboard trying to get a hold of him, and probably should have gotten the message that he wasn't going to support me through this, and should have tried to open up to my family or friends. I've left him alone since our interaction on Sunday. I've spoken to my parents and friend(s) after finally being able to open up yesterday and today, and they've told me that I've been pretty reasonable with him and that I need to cut my losses, move on. I'd hope that my friends would call me out, but with how I've been feeling, it's been hard to not beat myself up for a lot of different things, and while this emotional break didn't start because of him it definitely was exacerbated by his actions. I've come here for some accountability and advice from folks removed from the situation. Thanks for reading my book. Lol.
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2021.12.02 01:07 Blackhawks_4 [Xbox] [H] Sb Infinium [W] 100c

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2021.12.02 01:07 TheyCallMeMrPigVevo New bike lane in Footscray

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2021.12.02 01:07 Old_Bed8247 🐶SweetShiba | STEALTH launch very SOON | GREAT team | marketing planned✅ | Elon tweet!!

Great team behind MoonVikings
MoonVikings- and they are going to the moon. With a Sofisticated Dev Team onboard, MoonVikings project is a amazing project with a big potential.
6% Tax 3% lp 3% to marketing
2.5% MAX wallet
✅Safe ✅LP locked ✅Great team ✅stealth launch ✅Website ready before launch
To be listed on: •CoinMarketCap •CoinGecko •Coinhunt
🐶 Official Links
🐶Contract: 0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1
🐶Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1
🐶Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1#readContract
🐶 LP LOCKED : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x4faa9f3a2e7ba8b2ec343ae1a1176850199d5e86
Join us to the moon! The team is very motivated to make this a succes and THE new big meme coin.
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2021.12.02 01:07 efren-mcnutty Is my thinning hair growing back?!

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2021.12.02 01:07 Skai_Away Good mechanic for a VW

Hey yall, so to the dismay of my friends I bought a jetta and am now looking for a trustworthy mechanic who knows foreign cars and isn’t going to scam me. Currently it doesn’t have any major issues but it’s good to have someone in the books incase something does happen. Plus i’d like to get it looked over since i bought it used. Turning to the sub as y’all are usually more trustworthy than google. Thank you in advance!
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2021.12.02 01:07 KaedePanda abusing the school printer to give my binder swag

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2021.12.02 01:07 Scrub_Incarnate When did this community become so shit?

This dude just didn't realize something that looked like it could easily be faked wasn't and had -68 karma for nothing negative last I checked. I replied to him saying I couldn't believe he got so much hate and he basically said he didn't care cause karma is meaningless (true)
I replied to him speaking further about it and my comment got removed for discussing his "lack of upvotes" (I can't say what I really mean because it's automoderated for some reason?) and it got removed so I made an edit which also included the words that shall not be spoken as well as calling this community shit, it was also automodded. What else is automodded on this subreddit? Lol
The fuck is this shit??
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2021.12.02 01:07 SuckingGodsFinger Show and Silence

Every school has their little weirdos no matter what grade. Some more than others, but us weirdos gotta stick together. Back in the fifth grade my buddy Tim got a lot of shit. Not like the kid dressed weird or anything, but was just the kid that had a target on his back. He was the best at playing swords and stuff though. We'd be out in the field flying around in space ships or fighting off a mob of samurai. Even then the kids never messed with me. Only him for whatever reason.
Tim was my boy and we looked after each other. Most of the kids couldn't understand why I was so nice to him, and I'd always say, "Well I'm nice to you aren't I?" They'd usually scoff and walk away while we snuck in a middle finger before anyone saw us. It was kinda our thing. That year when the talent show came around Tim was pretty excited. He has been honing his, "pretending skills," as he would say.
Tim did everything to be good at making things seem real, because that was the only time he was truly happy. His dad was kind of a dick since he was drunk all the time and just wanted his boy to, "be a real man and watch sports and shit." Guy was a real douche. Anyway, a week before the talent show Tim came up to me talking about how he figured it out and he couldn't wait to show everyone. I threw it out there that he could show me, but he shook his head with a giant smile on his face.
The longest week of my life, but I was itching to see what Tim threw together. It was his turn and he came decked out in black and white. He was a hell of a mime. Granted, I've never seen one before hand but I thought he did pretty damn well. Whereas the other kids just laughed. He got pretty far along, but you can tell he started getting discouraged the longer it went on to the point where one of the "cool kids" ended up throwing something at him.
Thankfully the teacher snatched him up right then and there, but the damage was done. Tim burst into tears and walked off stage. You'd think he'd stay home for a couple days but his dad just laid into him about being a pussy and crying in public, so he made him come right back to school and the kids just didn't let up. My birthday was coming up and I thought I had a pretty good plan and set it into motion. I was going to give Tim a second chance and make the class sit and watch.
I talked to my mom about it and we made the invites that day. I passed them out the next day in class and I told Tim about the plan just so he wasn't blindsided. He was surprisingly ecstatic talking about how he's gotten so much better and how he couldn't wait to try out his new act. The day of the party everything was going swell minus the fact that Tim didn't show up, well at least I didn't think he was.
The kid showed up fashionably late, suited up and ready to go carrying his imaginary bag of props. All the parents were saying how cute it was and the kids did what they could to hold in their laughter so they wouldn't get scolded in front of everyone. Especially when he put his imaginary back down and pulled out an invisible hammer, then went to work seemingly barricading every doorway and window in the living room. I was quite impressed.
Tim called me over to help out and so I did. Didn't think anything of it until he handed me that imaginary hammer and it had weight to it. At the time I assumed it was an, "in the moment," type thing and just started hammering away. When all was said and done he walked me to the corner of our living room, made a box around me and motioned to me to stay still.
The parents clapped as he took center stage in front of the TV and the kids just sat on the floor in front of him. Tim put on a little mime show. You know, not being able to move a water bottle and running into imaginary walls, cute kid stuff. He stopped mid act to walk back over to me and smiled while slapping his forehead like he forgot something. He then closed my box and pulled out what I assumed was a power drill to make holes in my box.
Tim walked back up to the front and tapped that devil child Jacob on the shoulder for assistance. Jacob got up laughing like, "this stupid fuck," and tried to make some fun, but Tim just played out off. Tim took out some imaginary tools and made another box around the kid, then turned around and bowed. Jacob tried to move and started freaking out while everyone applauded the mime as Tim put up a finger to silence the crowd, and that's when shit hit the fan.
Jacob was starting to panic like he couldn't breathe or something and Tim motioned like he forgot the kid was in there. Like saying, "oopsy," but without words. Tim pretended to press some buttons on the side of Jacobs box and Jacob started to get smaller. Not like he was shrinking, but like the box was and at that point he was full blown panicking. The parents were looking around at each other nervously, but the kids just laughed until they realized Jacob was serious when he started screaming without a sound.
The kids started screaming when they saw Jacobs bones had started snapping one after another while the parents were trying to figure out how to open his invisible prison. All while Tim took another bow as he looked over at me and winked with a smile. Not going to lie, I pissed myself right then and there thinking he thought I was a dick for putting him in this situation. Jacob's dad started freaking out and yoked Tim up by his collar yelling at him saying, "get him the fuck out of there!"
Tim spoke no words and just shook his finger in the guy's face. Remember, we're in fifth grade at the time so Jacob's dad could have beaten him senseless, but Tim had a show to put on. It was like being back at school playing pretend swords in the field where Tim was a lone Ronin that was efficient in the quick draw technique. He never lost a fight, and he wasn't about to now. Tim gripped the invisible sheath at his waist and ripped the imaginary blade diagonally across Jacob's dad's chest.
Jacob's dad let go of Tim and he flicked the floating blood off his blade before placing it back in its sheath as the guy started spewing blood from his wound. The other parents were too concerned with Jacob himself watching his body get compressed into a pile of bone and viscera covered in a blanket of skin while his father fell to the ground in two. Tim took another bow then walked to the center of the room placing a device on the floor. The rest of the parents trembled in fear trying to find a way out with their kids, but Tim had already sealed off the exits.
Tim pressed something on the device he placed on the floor and left out the front door. The kid didn't even look back. Everyone rushed to the door behind him, but it didn't even matter. The door could have been open and they still wouldn't have been able to get out. They were like animals trapped in a cage, and I was still trapped in a box inside that cage. Everyone started getting pushed into the walls like there were walls closing in from the middle of the room.
Some pushed against the invisible walls while others held onto their kids in uncontrollable sobs. I thought we were all fucked and worst of all it was all my fault. All my parents wanted to do was hold me one last time before we were all smashed some invisible walls, but they couldn't even do that because I was trapped in a fucking invisible box. Like balloons, everyone just popped and painted the walls red. Tim had a cut out in the wall the size of the box I was placed in, so all that was left of my parents were their arms that were hugging the front of my prison and their remains that were squeezed through my air holes.
When all was said and done, my parents' blood covered the box showing there was a doorknob on it that I didn't notice before, or it just wasn't there beforehand. I couldn't even tell you to be honest. I let myself out and held what was left of my parents until my aunt came back from the store and saw the bloodbath before her.
Cops came, but it's not like they could get anything out of the kid who wouldn't talk. Not like I could have done all that, so they chalked it up as a wild animal wandering in and making a meal of everyone and leaving a kid mute due to the traumatic experience. That didn't explain the writing in blood saying, "Us Weirdos Gotta Stick Together," on the front door that they chose to ignore.
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2021.12.02 01:07 pitttz So nice knowing we are a positive part of Ethan life in this stressful times, just like he is for us when things are flipped. ❤️

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2021.12.02 01:07 Actual_Apricot8396 Julianna lag fix?

I just started this game a few days ago. So far it’s fun and I finally go to play as Juliana. I saw a thread on this a few months back but it never had an answer so I must ask again, is there a way to fix the lag? It’s so bad I can’t even play it, which unfortunately makes me want to put this game down. It obviously doesn’t happen as colt but when I play as Julianna its a lost cause. Thanks
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2021.12.02 01:07 shaundennis Get $20 off per month for 6 months with Superloop NBN 100 plans or $10 with the NBN 50 plans (Australia)

Get 10% off per month for 6 months with Superloop 100 MB NBN plans, new customers only.
100Mbps/20Mbps = $69.95 ($89.95 after 6 months)100Mbps/40Mbps = $79.95 ($99.95 after 6 months
or $10 off per month for 6 months on the NBN 50 plans
50Mbps/20Mbps - $59.95 ($69.95 after 6 months)
Australian company based in Adelaide and has an South Australian call centre. I have been with them for over 18 months and I have no complaints, good speeds, minimal outages.
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2021.12.02 01:07 labyrinthine999 Will I reconcile with my sister, and when will it that be

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2021.12.02 01:07 perbametric Life is hard, life is awesome. What makes it hard? What makes it awesome? Just… what makes life, life?

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2021.12.02 01:07 SirMemphis Buying a large quantity of sauce

I'd like to know if it's ok to buy large quantities, or a case, of a favorite McDonald's sauce from my local store. I have no problem asking in person, but just curious if this is a rude request. (It's not for resell but for home consumption). Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.02 01:07 Some_Spirit_7735 https://diamondapp.com?r=DsUgYvyf

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2021.12.02 01:06 IronicnameC Knox SRMP [SMP] {Semi-vanilla} {Roleplay} {Whitelist} {1.18} Starting soon!

Greetings! Me and my girlfriend are re-launching a brand new Survival Roleplay Multiplayer experience with lots of quality of life plugins and well-thought out lore, we've decided to end the previous season and start a new one that will be far better than our previous one as our server was in a bit of hiatus for a while as we had very busy lives, but now we have lots of free time. This is a semi-vanilla SMP with only some simple plugins in place to make Roleplaying more fun, including some custom plugins to make sense with the lore. Also, we don't enforce rules like hawks, they're really basic rules that aren't hard to follow just for the sake of the safety of our community's members to create a fun environment for everyone to enjoy. The new Season will launch VERY SOON as we get more active members and hit our goal on our Discord server. The sooner we get more members, the sooner it'll launch. This whole thing has took us a lot of work effort to put together, we want it to be as great of a launch as possible. The estimated launch date is 5th of December as we need to take a little while to set up 1.18 when it comes out.
Please feel free to join if this is something you'd be interested in. Thank you for reading this and everyone is welcome to participate in this, we are gonna welcome all of you who decide to join with open arms. Down below you will find a list of some basic information including the Discord link, might edit this later on to include more!
We have plugins that maintain and enhance the roleplay aspect of the game.
- Custom Cosmetic Items
- Community Events, such as Movie Nights, Game Nights, and Lore Contests
- Server Performance Optimizations
- A Staff Team That Listens to & Implements Community Suggestions
Version: 1.18
Discord Server Link to Join: https://discord.gg/MPRft2jk5m submitted by IronicnameC to smp [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 01:06 yanzin_fan_of_Altair god complex, "usurpers incur a -1% CpS penalty until they rename themselves something else"

usurpers means people calling themselves orteil who aren't orteil, so does this mean if orteil called himself orteil ingame, does he also incur the -1% penalty? it's impossible to know for sure but how likely do you think it is that he or she or they, im not really sure, has a modified version that doesn't incur the penalty?
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2021.12.02 01:06 Raspberrylemonade188 Thanks I hate it… jacked Pokémon

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2021.12.02 01:06 throwaway374839202 Will Cold War weapons still be any good after the vanguard addition to WarZone?

I hate vanguard weapons as they are in multiplayer. Do you think they’ll make them overpowered in WarZone making the Cold War ones useless?
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2021.12.02 01:06 Yunga_bRUh_582 pa los que se pregunten que es karma o esas cosas raras del reddit, aca una explicacion:

pa los que se pregunten que es karma o esas cosas raras del reddit, aca una explicacion: submitted by Yunga_bRUh_582 to DylanteroYT [link] [comments]