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2021.10.22 22:12 Umbral_Agent DDLC - The Saints of Sin City - Chapter 11 - Desolation

Miss a chapter? No problem! Table of contents

For all that she had been through, Kaori couldn’t recall a time in recent history that she had felt as dejected as she had over the past three months. While she felt as if there was one part of her heart that had been sewn back into place, there was another that had been ripped out and may as well have been hurled to the furthest end of the galaxy. She had reunited with her life and love, at long last she felt as if she had been made whole again. Being apart and everything that had led to it was still very much something that she and Genji were working through together, but she finally had been able to get a proper night’s sleep and wake up happy to see the world around her. But this had come at a drastic cost. The same events that ultimately led to the two reuniting had also led to Genji losing both of his children (for what seemed to be both the short and long term). For once in their relationship she was being forced to be the strong one, the one with a level head who was able to keep the ship on course. This wasn’t easy for Kaori. Since running away from Ascension and in turn any duty that she had with them, she’s not had any supply of drugs of alcohol. A forced withdrawal was not something she had planned but something it turns out that she had desperately needed. The days of waking up hating being alive slowly began to become less and less frequent, replaced by days where she was able to see how she had been previously with more and more clarity, and more days of being thankful for the simple things in life. Things like being able to watch a sunrise, or feeling the rain on her face, or the feeling of soft grass beneath her feet. It had been transformative for her, and now she would have to not only balance these new feelings and how own body’s struggle to maintain this new path against needing to be there for Genji as he dealt with the aftermath of Yuri’s shooting.
Yuri may have been willing to forgive Soyori for shooting her, and by extension forgive Genji for not believing her. Genji may have been able to look past the fact that Yuri was on the brink of a murder suicide which would have left both Sayori and Monika without a father and broken for life. But Natsuki? She would not be forgiving in this instance, and it would not be a time in which she was willing to leave anything to chance with either of the girls. She had learned well enough by now that dealing with this family meant keeping everything in-house. There would be no police, no courts, it would be handled as a matter-of-fact with no room for anything to be offered as a compromise. Her terms were simple. In the aftermath of the shooting, Natsuki decided that she would be moving, purchasing a home with enough space for herself, Sayori and Monika to live comfortably. The location of her new home would not be disclosed, and she would be taking both Sayori and Monika to live with her for the indefinite future. During this time she would ensure that both girls started regular counseling sessions to begin the process of being able to cope and heal from the event that happened, and Natsuki would provide periodic updates to both Genji and Yuri respectively. Genji, Yuri and Kaori were barred from seeing the girls completely, and Natsuki was firm that if any of them attempted to circumvent any of the conditions that she had set she would in turn move again and ensure that the three would never see Sayori or Monika again.
Kaori sat down with her coffee in their kitchen to watch the sunrise as she did most mornings. Taking a slow sip she let her mind wander, trying to wrap itself around everything that had really happened. Had the price of her happiness really been the death of her unborn niece or nephew? It was such a horrific way to think about it. She had been furious when Yuri told her that she and Genji were expecting another child. It felt like the ultimate betrayal, how would they ever have a life together especially with a new baby on the way. He made so many promises to her, had been there for her through everything that she had dealt with, and then Yuri came to her with the news of a new child, reveling in telling her. To Kaori it didn’t feel like Yuri was telling her out of happiness, but from a position of “he’s still mine”. Despite this, she was truly thankful that Yuri hadn’t been killed when Sayori shot her, and she felt an incredible sense of loss that their unborn had been lost. It was nothing compared to how Genji had taken it. Confusion, sadness, anger at himself as if he could have stopped his now ex-wife from stepping to an edge of being willing to kill him. And Sayori? She’d heard from Genji how she was doing. Natsuki would tell him that there were days when Sayori seemed her normal, cheerful self. These were followed by days where she was a mute and would spend the entire day in bed, refusing to speak. And Monika, the sweet little girl who knew nothing outside of the fact that Sayori tried to kill her mother. Her demeanor seemed forever changed, a very hard edge had begun to form beneath her normally cheery disposition. The sisters largely stayed away from each other these days, opting to stay in their respective bedrooms doing activities alone. Natsuki had even gone as far as buying Sayori her very own Mr. Cow (a lucky buy at a local toy story) who sat in the corner of her room to keep her company. But the child would just lay in bed, her companion the wall next to her that she would spend all day fixated on with a thousand yard stare. And then the next day? The Sayori that everyone knew and loved would have climbed back out of the depths and be front and center.
Since the shooting, Genji and Kaori had started living a couple of hours North of where Yuri was now living. Given that his house had already been paid off, Genji had decided to sign over full rights to the home to Yuri and moved to be with Kaori. In his own way this was an attempt to extend an olive branch to Yuri so that she would still be taken care of. Despite the pair reuniting, there were major repairs that needed to happen, ones that the two of them were proactive in making happen. One of the most distinct changes was the amount of time they spent with each other just talking. It was about anything most of the time, things that were important to them, world view, likes and dislikes…things that they should have been doing all along but never did. And because of this, because of Genji’s complete willingness to once again to whatever it took to see her happy, Kaori was able to forgive what happened between Genji and Yuri. This was going to be her best life, once and for all. Genji had only one request of Kaori, and that was a clean break of her involvement in anything he did. She knew how he made his money, but for him it was time to turn a corner and completely sever his work from his personal life and the people that he loved. This request was one that she gladly accepted and embraced. Having a much greater sense of clarity now, she knew that her involvement and exposure to much of Genji’s work was fueling everything going wrong in her life.
This morning as she sat sipping her coffee she decided to do something that she had been thinking about for many weeks. To each of the people who meant the most to her, she wanted to write them a letter apologizing for how she had been, and ask for their forgiveness. The letter would be her open forum to express her feelings and humble herself before those that she had hurt the most. She felt that having the chance to write had helped further her mental health. Putting her pen to paper and let her thoughts begin to flow…
To my big sister Yuri,
Where in the world has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was tugging on your arm begging you to carry me about on your back, or asking for you to read me a story before bed. Yuri, how in the hell did we ever end up at this point? We used to be inseparable, and when we did have a problem Jun had always been there to help us sort it out. I wish he hadn’t moved away, with everything that has happened between us I feel like we could really use his help. I know that there is a lot that needs to be said between us, and I know that I am probably the last person you want to hear from, but even if you never speak to me again there are some things that I need to say to you.
I am sorry. I am so sorry for everything, more than you are ever going to possibly be able to understand. For as much anger and hate as I had for you after not believing that I had been molested by your friend, I am just as guilty in taking advantage of the rocky situation your marriage was in after your affair. Two wrongs never make a right, and I knew exactly what I was doing when I got myself involved with Genji. If I had any idea how much it would hurt you, or effect the kids and confuse them, I would never have done it despite how much I love him. I am sincerely sorry for the loss of your baby. You have always been an amazing mom to Monika as well as Sayori, and I know you’d have welcomed your newborn with all the warmth and love that you have.
For longer than I can remember I have had a problem with both drugs and alcohol. It was a problem even before I was enlisted by Ascension, mom and dad knew but chose to hide it from you and Jun, and it ultimately led to me dropping out of school. That is a big reason mom and dad were on board giving me over to Ascension when they came knocking. I had nothing, my days were spent in a daze of not knowing where I was or what was going on around me. In reality Ascension scooping me up is what saved my life. I can’t remember how many time’s I’ve been declared legally dead only to come back out of it thanks to this…I don’t even know how to describe it. When I ran away and didn’t have access to any drugs, and had nothing to drink…it’s like a reset button was hit inside of me. The withdrawal was horrible, I don’t remember a whole lot of it other than the fevers and throwing up, but having been clean these past few months and reflecting on my life…I have so much I need to fix. I wish I’d been a better sister to you Yuri, I’m sorry for not being there when you’ve needed me.
And it’s all led to this point, you don’t even have Monika living with you anymore and I can’t imagine how painful that has to be. Like I said before, I know I’m likely the last person that you want to hear from, but starting now I want to be here for you Yuri. There is so much history between us that has been terrible and we are both so young. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life without my sister, but I will if I have to, I understand that I deserve that. I am sincerely sorry for everything Yuri, I will always be here to support you no matter what it is. I love you big sis.
Love forever
It was still early, the sun was just coming up and she could easily throw the letter in the mail before the first pickup for the day happened. She thought for a moment about if she wanted to throw her shoes on and take a walk to the supermarket that wasn’t too terribly far from them, maybe a few miles at most. Early morning walks were something that she and Genji had come to enjoy, but there had been plenty of times in which she couldn’t sleep and was up even earlier than he was and would get out on her own. She thought for a moment but the decision was quickly made for her when their new furry friend came into the kitchen holding his leash in his mouth.
“Walter!” she said happily in a hushed voice, kneeling down to give the large dog a hug.
Walter was an adopted family member, the pair took him in not long after they moved into their new home. Friendly and playful, he was a fully grown St. Bernard who had seemingly been abandoned by his former owners. They had seen him wandering a number of times not long after moving in, with no tags and no signs posted for a lost dog. She and Genji weren’t even sure what his real name was, but he was a member of the family now. His coat was thick and beautiful, he was every bit the stout companion that one might expect a St. Bernard to be. He enjoyed getting out for an early morning walk as much as Kaori. So with that, she threw on a pair of jeans and solid colored teal t-shirt along with a baseball cap to cover her messy hair, grabbed her shoes and off the pair went.
Being farm country, taking the main roads to the supermarket would end up being a significantly longer (and more boring) trip than cutting through back fields and woods getting there. A plus side to this was that it also gave Walter time to gallop and run freely, with his leash ready in case they came across anyone else. He was a friendly boy, but Kaori knew that some people were more sensitive than others to keeping their pets leashed and she wanted to respect that, especially in their new community. It felt wonderful to her having no one knowing who she was. They found that the people this far out typically cared about very little from any urban centers, in fact they cared about very little beyond their own close knit communities. To her this was a gift, to be able to be left alone and have a new life. In fact, she and Genji had both begun to make friends (although mildly) within town. She could tell that this was a change for the positive for him as well, it was something new, something to fill the void.
There was one thing that gnawed at Kaori, despite all of the progress that she and Genji had made. Deep down she had always wondered why he hadn’t stayed with Natsuki, going all the way back to when Sayori had been born. She had heard the story from her parents that he and Yuri had been seeing each other behind Natsuki’s back…but it was something that never made any sense to her. As a little kid she had always been a sponge picking up things going on in the world around her, and she could say with complete certainty that there was never a single things going on between the pair. She knew that her sister absolutely had feelings for Genji, but those weren’t ever feelings that had been acted on. So it had hit her like a ton of bricks when she saw Genji moving in with them as her sister’s live-in boyfriend. That in itself made no sense to her either, she knew how her mom and dad were and that there was no chance in hell they would have been alright with Yuri not only having a boyfriend in her bedroom alone, let alone him moving in and essentially becoming part of the family.
“Part of the family…but not really…” Kaori said to herself as she picked up a stick and threw it ahead for Walter to run after as they walked. It had been strange, even when he was living with them Genji was detached. He and Yuri were close but it seemed more like a bond of trauma than a bond of love. And the horrific damage that had been done to the side of Yuri’s face! Kaori still shuddered thinking about seeing her after she had come home, blood seeping through the bandages slowly as it healed, Natsuki had nearly killed her sister cutting open the side of her face through her mouth. It was all just a big puzzle to Kaori that she had been thinking about as she felt her sense of clarity coming back. She had never really had it in her to ask Genji what had happened back then, what had REALLY happened…it was something that she wanted to talk with him about but was going to have to wait until it felt like it was the right time. For as much as she loved him, for as much as Kaori would die for him, she felt a pain deep in her heart when she thought about Genji.
In her heart of hearts Kaori’s greatest fear is that Genji’s heart wasn’t hers to hold, it had and always would belong to Natsuki. They shared a first born together, she suspected the circumstances of their split were, putting it frankly, bullshit, and they shared a bond over a tragedy that changed them both drastically. She shook her head realizing this was negative talk, and that she and Genji were together and both willing to work hard to make what they had work. Recently Kaori had begun to think about their future, beyond Ascension when she was able to focus solely on their life together. There were two things that she wanted desperately. The first was to get married properly, even if it was only a small ceremony with strangers at the town hall. The second was to have a child of her own with Genji, not that she didn’t love Sayori and Monika, but to bring someone into the world who was all the best parts of her and would be better than she ever could be. With both of these accomplished she felt like she would be able to take on anything that the world threw at her.
By this point in her walk with Walter they had reached the supermarket. Thankfully it was still quiet with not many people up and going yet for the day. With a bit of apprehension she threw the letter in the mail and then turned, walking away quickly as if she had just handed the letter to her sister directly. The walk back seemed to go faster than the walk there, but that always seemed to be the case. Kaori noticed the sun slowly giving way to an overcast sky, and the air began to smell of rain. It didn’t matter much to her, if it rained that meant it would be a good day to work on her journal or her art. Music and art were two mediums that were extremely important to her, and although she no longer had a drum set to play she did spend a significant amount of time keeping a journal, as well as a sketch book where she began drawing out some of what she had been seeing for months on end when still living at the Golgotha site. There was so much she wanted to tell Genji about but she couldn’t ever find the words to describe the dreams or anything that she had seen while there.
In reality Kaori’s art painted a terrifying picture revealing pieces of what she had seen and been a part of, along with a look into the nightmares that had been tormenting her. Of all of the pieces that she had created though there was one specific scene that she had drawn over and over, and finally had become so proficient at it was painting it with oil paints in much greater detail. Back home in an extra bedroom that she had setup to be a studio, an easel sat with a partially finished painting setting on it. It was being created with the greatest of care, the scale used in creating the two monstrous beings in the piece would place them at about seventy meters tall. They were locked in battle, with a partially decimated city surrounding them. One of the beings in the painting held a massive spear, poised to use it against their adversary. Kaori had left herself a note with the title of the work affixed to the easel.
Wunderkind and the Boy King
When she wrote, when she drew, when she painted, it was almost as if Kaori was pouring out visions of the world to come. But, for as much as it scared her, she continued bringing them to life in hopes that she would be able to somehow make sense of them. And, if nothing else, finally be able to share with Genji the things that had been tormenting her for so long. Regardless, the rough road ahead would not be one she had to face alone, and remembering that brought a smile to her face even in the worst of times. At long last, Kaori finally felt like she was home.

Next up: Chapter 12: Conductor (Coming soon!)
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Will the parking for the Snoop Dogg concert be free?
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I want to watch someone get napalmed by Flamethrowers damage, not enjoy candle wax dripping on their toes.
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2021.10.22 22:12 redwolftrash can i kill this guy or not? he's very annoying and refuses to leave, and the map he gave me is impossible to use since the chest's map location is covered by a wheelbarrow in the hub.

can i kill this guy or not? he's very annoying and refuses to leave, and the map he gave me is impossible to use since the chest's map location is covered by a wheelbarrow in the hub.
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2021.10.22 22:12 Choice_Sea_6398 Rant

I'm so fucking tried of people bullshit saying I'm attention seeker and ingoring my posts and sending me death threats and horrible messages like wtf is wrong with people I'm not fucking looking for attention or sympathy or followers or anything idk how times I have say this so people will understand like seriously this isn't joke or laughing matter my mental health and mental illnesses and life story aren't a joke or fake or made up for attention I did fucking lose my mom and been rape and get abuse by my family and attempted suicide 61 times and end up in hospital 16 times I dont give a shit if y'all dot believe me I'm not fake depressed or edgy kid my Life story and vents are always real and honest and truthful I'm fed up with this shit y'all wont be laughing or smiling when you see my Suicide on news or my name on gravestone I know I ain't important or special but I will make sure my suicide does end up on news and show everybody what they did to me also if you find my good night messages and vents and life story irritated and think I'm fake depressed and attention seeker seriously fuck off you are just heartless selfish cruel evil narcissistic asshoe also I wanted say thank you very much for people who support my posts and listen to them and dont think I'm attention seeker or send me death threats or ingore my posts and think I'm fake depressed I really appreciate it thank you very much anyways sorry for huge rant I apologise good night everybody sweet dreams goodbye everybody good night 🌙✨
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2021.10.22 22:12 Fable_Darling Two Hundred And Sixty-Seventh Night

It was Mother's birthday today and I think it was a good one for her. No parties, obviously, but I don't think she wanted that. Father got her a wine advent calendar, though it only comes with twelve bottles so we're not sure how it's meant to be counted. She was very pleased with it. He also finally went to the bank and got that cheque that Mother's been on him about. Now she finally has enough money to replace the carpets upstairs. I'm happy for her. Mother's birthday has always been notoriously difficult, especially when I was a child, but now's probably not the time to dwell on that. Today was a good day. Let's not put focus on the bad days.
I'm eating some of her cake now. It's a Boston cream, I think, with a lovely bunch of strawberries on top. Mother had a few bites of my slice instead of getting her own because she's never been one for sweets. I, unfortunately, have the worse sweet tooth. It's gotten me in too trouble plenty of times. It might even be the death of me one day. But it's odd writing about your own death since words tend to outlive you. One day, people may read these words and wince, thinking "They had no idea what was coming" or "Ha, isn't that ironic?" It strikes me like writing a joke that the audience can only answer. Oh well. I guess the world will have to laugh for me.
That's all I have for you tonight. My writing is still stagnant but that's old news, don't you think?
Yours & Mine,
S.O. Skinner
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Which of these Fixtures would you like to see in the Champions League final the Most?
. Liverpool vs Manchester City
. Liverpool vs Bayern Munich
. Liverpool vs PSG
. Chelsea vs Liverpool
. Chelsea vs PSG
. Chelsea vs Bayern Munich
. Bayern Munich vs Manchester City
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2021.10.22 22:12 Riggity___3 In all seriousness, how much worse are the Nets without Kyrie?

I know at this point we're all joking that they're better off without Kyrie's drama and shit....but for real, ignoring that for a second, just assuming his play would be what it has been recently (like last season) how much worse of a team are they without him? i mean he averaged 27ppg last year right? seems like ppl are not taking seriously that they may struggle a lot without him, and just assume that b/c of his controversy he would be too much of a distraction, which I dont buy at all. can they make the finals without kyrie? can they make the conference finals? or what?
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I didn't get any mass for the past 6 months, got more irrtable and more angry.
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