Figurine or female doll of wood, with head and body down to the knees only, slotted to take pivoted lower legs: Ancient Egyptian, Lower Egypt, Saqqara, probably Late Dynastic Period, 664 - 332 BC

2021.10.22 22:49 TN_Egyptologist Figurine or female doll of wood, with head and body down to the knees only, slotted to take pivoted lower legs: Ancient Egyptian, Lower Egypt, Saqqara, probably Late Dynastic Period, 664 - 332 BC

Figurine or female doll of wood, with head and body down to the knees only, slotted to take pivoted lower legs: Ancient Egyptian, Lower Egypt, Saqqara, probably Late Dynastic Period, 664 - 332 BC submitted by TN_Egyptologist to OutoftheTombs [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 22:49 NewPresence7350 Hacemos un abecedario de palabras/frases argentinas?

Como: A de Ah pero Macri.
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2021.10.22 22:49 Arthao_Lysander Google Translate and the News LXII

I found an article ( and ran it through about 30 languages in Google Translate and then back to English. This was the result:
Trump criticized the new social system as "extreme".
Trump stayed awake for two hours after a new media 2022 policy was revealed on Tuesday.
On Tuesday, Trump announced a new conference called The Trump Media and Technology Group, a social initiative called Veritas.
Some reporters and businessmen believed the lies benefited former President Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence.
As a result, Daily Dot Trump has said that the news is fake, not the end result.
Brain said he would consider renovating the library before closing the door.
Washington Post reporter. Harwell set up a fictitious pen account, and on Wednesday announced on Twitter that people could sign in and open a relationship.
The online store is accessible to the beta version of Trump's Entertainment, which Trump created a funny blog and used to print "nice" images.
The violation of this provision is prohibited under § 230 of the Certification Act (CDA). In January, Trump sued tech leaders to slow down Twitter.
According to Twitter, the answer is "angry because of violence."
Some Trump promoters have said that Trump plans to launch a movie with Netflix to compete.
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2021.10.22 22:49 Antique-Challenge-49 Why do extroverts do this?

Being around extroverts is exhausting because they expect you to always be in a talkative, positive, upbeat mood. So whenever you’re simply being quiet and reflective, they’ll approach you and ask “what’s wrong?” and that seriously annoys me because why does something have to be wrong with me just because I want to be silent? Why is it necessary for me to be engaged in conversation every second I’m around you in order for you to feel comfortable? They’re so draining to be around
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2021.10.22 22:49 Hiddena00 Is getting through legend rank possible?

The loading screen said legend is the highest rank is legend but once you hit legend it says 3000/4000, I got up to 3700 but then my 2nd places were only worth +27 and I got 7th and took -89 lol
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2021.10.22 22:49 NSFS75 Turn on me - The Shins (trauma fears captured perfectly and so catchy)

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2021.10.22 22:49 howeasc ‘I Don’t Know That I Would Even Call It Meth Anymore’

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2021.10.22 22:49 drxxmgirl am i shadow banned or

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2021.10.22 22:49 iheartbbw-2021 🥎

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2021.10.22 22:49 vagabondbo1 CCI anybody?

Anyone here suffering from Craniocervical instability possibly secondary to CFS caused by Covid? For those unfamiliar the symptoms are: occipital headache, neck pain, neurological abnormalities such as numbness, motor weakness, dizziness, gait instability and sometimes the feeling that the head is too heavy for the neck to support (bobble head). It kind of encompasses many symptoms of long covid and would make sense given that it’s well documented that cfs can be caused by long covid and that cci is a symptom of cfs.
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2021.10.22 22:49 LucTheHuman Matchmaking

I would like to see matchmaking added to expeditions. My main issue with new world is how some content isn’t EASILY accessible. How do you think they would balance that with the key system given keys are just annoying to get??
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2021.10.22 22:49 Responsible-River615 Wheelchairs are not toys...

Obligatory appology for length and formatting as posting on mobile. TLDR at the end.
A bit of back story... I am the mom of a wonderful son (M9) who is dealing with a diagnosis of JIA, or Juvenile Idiopathic Athriris. It affects his hip joint primarily, meaning during flare ups, walking long distances is a challenge. For these days, he has a custom manual wheelchair to get around, but he can still get up from the chair and walk short distances, albeit with a permanent limp. We live in a small town and regularly go to a great playground that has lower equipment he can comfortably climb.
The cast: Me (myself), S (my son), EM (entitled mom), EBK (entitled bratty kid), CM1, CM2 and CM3 (community monitors)
It all started when we pulled up to the park in my car and parked in one of the handicapped parking spots. I do drove a smaller car, but a hatchback, and my son's chair folds up quite small, so it works for us.
I park, place the handicap placard on my dashboard and hop out to grab my son's chair from the hatch while my other 2 children (14F, 5F) get out of the car.
EM: You can't park there, that spot is only for people who need it.
Me: (opening the hatch) Oh yes, I am aware however...
EM: (cuts me off) you are walking just fine, so move your vehicle or I will talk to the park monitors and tell them... (hesitates as I lift the wheelchair out of the back of my car and put it on the ground).
Me: Yes? You'll tell them what?
EM: Nevermind... (grabs EBKs hand and pulls them away towards the park)
EBK: Mom! I want one! (Yes, foreshadowing I realize now)
So I get my son out of the car, into the chair and we wheel him over to the park and get settled at one of the benches. He decides he would like to get up and use the equipment so I let him up to play. He is MAYBE 10 feet from me max. I notice pretty soon that EM is just a couple of benches over and giving me the stink eye for the next 20-25 minutes. I stay with the chair and the bench while my son plays with his sisters (who are very protective of him). EM gets up and starts to approach with EBK.
EM: so your son doesn't really need the chair then.
Me: Excuse me?
EM: well I saw him get up and walk onto the playground, and he has walked while playing.
Me: Yes. He can walk short distances, but due to some damage to his hip joint, he limps and can only walk short distances.
EM: well now that he's playing, my son can use the chair.
Me: I'm afraid not. This is a custom chair made specifically for my son and I'd rather not chance anything happening to it. Plus, it's not a toy.
I notice that EBK is walking around the back of my bench towards the chair. He reaches for the chair.
Me: Excuse me, please don't touch the wheelchair, it isn't yours and isn't a toy.
EM: Don't tell my son what to do!
EBK: Mommy! I want a ride! (Starts loudly fake crying and ran to EM and grabbed her legs).
EM: Now look what you've done!!
They EM and EBK have created enough of a scene that my children have taken notice, as well as the community monitors who come over to my bench.
CM1: Excuse me, what seems to be the issue?
Me: Hello, sorry about all this. My son...
EM: EXCUSE ME...I'm the one wronged here! They have a fake wheelchair, a fake parking pass and her kid has a fake disability! My son just wanted to play with the chair and she snapped at him and made him cry!!!
Me: Not a word of that is true. My son has arthritis, can only walk short distances and of course I don't want you touching a very real and very expensive piece of medical equipment!
At this point we are separated, with EM and CM1 going to her bench and CM2 and CM3 standing with me. My children start to approach to see what is going on, my oldest daughter helping my son navigate the playground. He gets back to his chair and sits down.
CM2: that's a pretty neat chair... did you pick the color? (It's fire engine red)
S: Yep... the seating clinic we got it at let me pick which color put of like 15 different ones since they built it for me.
CM3: well the red looks great! It looks really fast!
S: OH, it is... see?
Son starts wheeling around the paths showing how fast he can go in the chair, steering around curves, turning around and coming back to us.
EBK: Mommy! He's allowed to play with the chair!! (Starts fake crying again)
EM to CM1: See?! Now they are just showing off!!
CM2 stays with us, CM3 pulls CM1 aside quickly and talk for 10 to 15 seconds. CM1 approaches us while CM3 remains with EM and EBK.
CM1: We are sorry about this happening. Are you planning on staying at the park for a while longer?
Me (to my son): What do you think bud? Wanna play for a bit longer?
S: I'm good, I just want to go home if that's ok. (He doesn't like negative attention from his chair so this wasn't a great experience for him)
Me: OK, looks like we'll be heading out shortly here.
CM1: OK fair. We would be happy to walk with you to the parking area to ensure you have no further issues.
EM starts sputtering: But, it's fake...
EBK realizing the chair is leaving: MOMMY! YOU PROMISED!!
CM1 and CM2 did walk us to the parking lot and apologized repeatedly, explaining that EM was being issued a 14-day ban from the playground as this wasn't the first incident they had with her. As I was packing the kids in the car and putting the chair away, CM3 approached with EM and EBK following closely behind, EM with a scowl.
EM: I hope your happy!
Me: Not really, the afternoon was made rather unpleasant.
EM: well at least tell me where you got the chair so I can get one.
Me: Seriously? From the children's hospital... with a prescription. It took 5 months to come in.
EM: well I'll look around, they must sell them elsewhere...
Me: well good luck... it was subsidized through the hospital and still cost us over $3000... because it's not a toy.
EM finally seemed to get it, looking quite shocked when I mentioned the price and finally went quietly to her car, dragging a whining EBK behind her.
Thankfully, we have used the playground many times since, and have seen the CM's who always seem to make a special effort to say hi to my son, but no more EM (knock on wood).
TLDR: EM causes a scene when I don't let her EBK play with my son's $3000+ custom wheelchair for his "fake" disability,, then gets banned from park for 2 weeks since this isn't her first offense.
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2021.10.22 22:49 chargable_water I had a dream

I think it was a nightmare but I had a dream about and 0-2-4 cannon it wasn't scary it was nothing but a 0-2-4 cannon I think I need help I say maybe a nightmare maybe because I hate that cross path and I didn't even make this up it was just so weird I thought about it while I slept what is you personally opinion
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2021.10.22 22:49 tohtohroh DIY Monitor Stand

DIY Monitor Stand I was looking at the next level racing stand to improve my FOV, but didnt' want to spend that much money. Brainstormed a bit and got this together for less than $20. It's slightly off center but still way better than my previous, will upgrade monitor mount some time down the line to fix this.

The Before
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2021.10.22 22:49 pew-die-pie2 What if,

I started streaming on Reddit, twitch, etc. and all we did during the stream is listen to music. People would give song recommendations, I’d put them up, etc.
Would you watch, is it a good idea, should I?
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2021.10.22 22:49 MurkyEducation7148 Nikki Tamboli

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2021.10.22 22:49 Immediate-Evidence55 JAVA BURN REVIEW - What Other Java Burn Coffee Reviews Won't Tell You! [...

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2021.10.22 22:49 shaeel11 Destiny Meta.

Destiny Meta - YouTube
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2021.10.22 22:49 btanji Seen at a stoplight in Arizona

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2021.10.22 22:49 TheGalaxysFinest It doesn't look comfy to me but whatever haha

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2021.10.22 22:49 Rack676 What is this white spot?

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2021.10.22 22:49 twobytwogrower Oldest one is 26 days. Double grape branch broke so I hit it with cloning gel and it's going strong!

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2021.10.22 22:49 RanitaCopada encuentras la diferencia?

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2021.10.22 22:49 Whthpnd My Baja Telecaster 😝

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2021.10.22 22:49 SorryBrick Anyone Here Ever Worked at / Know Anyone Who Worked at Moxie Grill?

hi! i’m a server and i’m looking for a new job. i’m considering applying at moxie wood fire grill in conklin, but i don’t know anyone who has ever worked there. i was wondering if anyone here had experience there / knows anyone who has had experience there. i would love to get some input.
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