Wish i got to take pics like these all the time.

2021.10.22 23:44 mr_deadgamer Wish i got to take pics like these all the time.

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2021.10.22 23:44 The_Bateman14 I have had a few glitches, but this one is weird

So as stated in the title above, I have had a few weird glitches, but this is one of the weider ones. So this was when I was in Jr. High. It was a P.E. class, and we were doing tennis. I remember getting changed, and then going out to the gym to get my racket, and the ball. Thats it. I do not remember anything else of that day. On the following day my P.E. teacher pulled me aside, and asked where I went the day previous, as the tennis racket I used was never returned, and they were a ball short. I told him I didn't even remember that day, and we both thought it was weird, but we brushed it off. It was so weird, because the tennis court we were at was across the field, and off school property, so we could not check the cameras, and the racket, and ball never came back.
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2021.10.22 23:44 Crafty-Koshka After experiencing two tragedies LAOP seeks advice in getting his newborn back from her grandparents

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2021.10.22 23:44 SoThisIsFuccd My 10 day old baby hasn’t pooped in 3 days?

My newborn was breastfeed for about 3-4 days before I decided to switch to formula for my own health reasons. She has great poops every day until 3 days ago when it stopped. She’s been gassy and farting a lot but no poops. Google (I know I shouldn’t rely on Google but..) says that formula fed babies don’t always poop every day. But If it’s been more than 5-7 days to call the doctor. Is this normal? She’s been peeing after ever feed pretty much. Lots of pee haha. But no poops and I’m trying not to let it concern me just yet but it does. She’s my first baby and I have no idea what I’m doing.
Is it ok that she’s so gassy? She seems to take the bottle well but farts a lot while eating. She also gets hiccups at least twice a day.
Help please
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2021.10.22 23:44 mr_gemini What Dr. Sanjay Gupta SHOULD'VE Said To Joe Rogan About Ivermectin

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2021.10.22 23:44 CarlJones535 Easily Distracted By Plants*****

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2021.10.22 23:44 devenrc S1 E5 - "Not So Honest Abe/The Best of Nin-tentions" Discussion Thread

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2021.10.22 23:44 Yooodack hi

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2021.10.22 23:44 purplebeachball Spring 2022 Housing

I just got admitted as a Spring transfer, and I'm having trouble with seeing how to inquire about open spaces with University Housing. How can you see which dorms or bedrooms are available within the main university residences? Is it still possible for me to get a single in a dorm? Who am I supposed to contact about this stuff specifically? Thank you in advance.
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2021.10.22 23:44 spookyturnipman lgjjvhkk

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2021.10.22 23:44 JReysan Ender 5 pro console stuck at booting

I just printed with ABS, I left it overnight. When I wake up the 3D printer nozzle was covered in abs a lot of it and I decided to shut it down and clean it. I then reheat the nozzle after removing the fan and I manage to get the ABS out. After that I tried restarting the 3D printer and it just stuck at ender logo and not going to the printing screen.
I am stuck and I didn't find help anywhere
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2021.10.22 23:44 NocturnalOutcast Looking for some macros for running an in game casino

Hey guys, I'm looking for some simple to use macros (I have a plus account, so no API) to make some quick game mechanics that players can use for an in game casino. Playing poker, or other card games takes way to long per round, so I'm trying to come up with some games that can be played with only a few clicks.

So far I have made one such macro, that works wonderfully as a "slot machine", though I would love for it to look a little prettier, like the numbers stay in a nice little grid if they roll a 10, but I can live with it as it is I suppose.

&{template:npcatk} {{attack=1}} {{name=Slot Machine}} {{rname=rname}} {{rnamec=rnamec}} {{description= [[1d10]] | [[1d10]] | [[1d10]] [[1d10]] | [[1d10]] | [[1d10]] [[1d10]] | [[1d10]] | [[1d10]] }} 
It simply works as getting the same number on one of the rows/columns/diagonals wins you a an amount based on where the match is, and where the matching line is.
It may not be pretty, but it is quick and easy and gets the job done. I made a character named "Casino" and have it set as a token action, so I just plop down the token and makes things super easy and convent.

The other game I tried to simulate was roulette wheel, for it was simple as [[1d18]]
a roll of 1 or 18 count as 0 / 00
they declare odd/even for black/red
they can also roll for any number as well for an even bigger payout.
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2021.10.22 23:44 vonkrueger Hope this meets the "historical value" component of rule 3. NYC chess set

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2021.10.22 23:44 FaultInternational62 How do i ring up a plain foot long!

My coworker has done it before with guidance from our boss but she is unavailable to call and we don’t wanna bother anyone. We own looked all over the‍ ring sales and have been unsuccessful. Help please.
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2021.10.22 23:44 Quxyun Hit a pvp milestone! 1v1'd so well that I was accused of hacking

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2021.10.22 23:44 Wlf773 Challenge? (*shinkt!*)

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2021.10.22 23:44 21_september Wise words ⭕️

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2021.10.22 23:44 urkiii 18F - just looking for a chat while I play some games

hey :). Having a pretty boring friday night and thought i'd look for some company.
I'm currently on a gap year from university...still sort of deciding what I want to do as an undergrad but I've got some clear end goals in mind. In the meantime, I'm working two jobs and spending a good amount of my free time between shifts studying a couple of random courses to keep my brain active (as my mom would put it). I'd say that I'm a casual gamer (pc/ps4/switch) -- I don't have too many games but I spend a lot of time in the ones that I do play. I haven't really watched many series in a while...but when I do it's usually anime. Other than that, I like other random, very grandma-esque hobbies such as baking and sewing...and I'm a pretty outdoorsy person, though I've struggled to find much time to immerse myself in nature. I (used) to be pretty big into sports and stuff -- I played ice hockey and volleyball for most of my life. I still work out and pride myself on being able to put together a pretty nice home gym during lockdown :).
Anyways, I don't want to say too much here...it'd just take away from whatever conversation we'd end up having :). I'm open to talking about anything, just, don't be a creep.
I'd prefer to talk on discord as it'd be the most convenient...just ask for my tag and I'll send it through pm :).
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2021.10.22 23:44 lawn_gnome78 This gorgeous creature perched here right in front of my window at work for 20 minutes. It was a gift!

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2021.10.22 23:44 CodysOnTop Just picked up this piece. Any info would be appreciated. I’m hoping it was worth the workout!!

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2021.10.22 23:44 MrToad44 Dropping Down 🍑

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2021.10.22 23:44 muthuannamalai12 Top 5 smart contract programming languages for blockchain

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2021.10.22 23:44 yarr_beefcake Conferences, Retreats and ‘Prophecy’

During my early (college aged) years in the network, I was eager to go to conferences and retreats. I was (still am to an extent) quite extroverted and the only way I knew to ‘do’ church was Carbondale Vineyard-style. As a married-with-kids-adult in the network (and as the network grew into what it has become) I didn’t care for them as much. Some of it was the logistical challenges involved, but I think that was simply a cover for my budding skepticism. Having left the network years ago and looking back on my time at conferences and retreats I think that’s where much of the setup occurred for the frustration, dysfunction and suffering that was to come.
I titled my post to include ‘prophecy’ because it was at these events that the restraints really came off and in the surge of emotion/passion/excitement people would share what they thought ‘God was saying’ or ‘God was doing.’ When this was a leader who I had already given over part or all of your will to, there was little I wouldn’t have agreed to. In my case it was almost always themes of leadership and evangelism.
Please don’t get me wrong, as a Christian I believe that God is personal and cares for us, and he will communicate to us in ways that defy what we typically know or have experienced. What the network calls ‘prophecy’ seems to be God’s words when they align with their narrow expression of Christianity. Reading Steve’s church planting documents on the leaving the network website it is clear that there are ground rules and guidelines around most of how they do church. Claiming that everything that happens (church plants, calling of leaders, etc) is God speaking when it so neatly aligns with the written manifesto seems like a stretch to put it kindly. Maybe that’s why those documents were meant to be secret?
Looking back I take issue with a few things specifically: 1. The level of expectation that ‘God shows up’ at these events in a way He doesn’t outside of them. I understand the human element of being less distracted, etc….but I find it hard to believe God is constrained to these events as well. 2. The way these events were used as tests of loyalty or commitment for upcoming leaders. 3. The focus on having an experience or interacting with a certain leader or pastor. If the ranking leaders spent time with you (or didn’t) it was noticed.
Maybe this is a rant into the void or maybe it’s helpful to someone piecing together their experiences as well. Happy to be on this semi-anonymous journey with y’all. If you’re ever in St Louis, we should get whatever kind of drink your conscious agrees with and do this in person.
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2021.10.22 23:44 Dinopetrodon In Major Shift, NIH Admits Funding Risky Virus Research in Wuhan

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2021.10.22 23:44 PilotAndrew Question about reusing past work

So I'm retaking a class. In the class, we had to do a video presentation.
My first attempt in the class I submitted the video presentation but it was never graded. I did not receive points for it.
Is it ok to submit the same video presentation on my second attempt in the class?
I read up on "self plaigarism", and apparently it's only considered plaigarism is you have previously received credit on the work.
Is this ok to do?
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