28 [M4F] UK/Anywhere - Go ahead punk, make my day

2021.10.22 23:17 Notmakingawestern 28 [M4F] UK/Anywhere - Go ahead punk, make my day

Is a random film quote an appropriate title?? Probably not but it might've caught your eye.
I like to think that I'm a cool, sex, drugs and rock n roll kinda guy.... But in reality I'm a mild flirting, chain-smoking and karaoke kinda guy.
I'm enjoying a nice pint of Stella Artois and just finished facetiming my best mate who is on a night out in Denmark. I'm very jealous of him, he's living it up on the continent and I'm trapped in the rainy north west, posting on reddit to talk to some strangers.
I've got an accent. I'm into football, boxing, tunes and comedy. I'll listen to your life story and do my best to keep the conversation going. I'm not planning on getting down on one knee or showing you my little fella.
So if you fancy a chat with a British lad then feel free to drop me a message.
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2021.10.22 23:17 brandonx456 [USA-NY] [H] 2080 super FE, Kraken g12, Corsair AIO [W] PayPal

For sale I have a 2080 super with a Kraken g12 and a Hydro Series™ H105 240mm Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler.
Setup worked extremely well, only selling due to recently upgrading.
Please note the original shroud is missing the screws needed to attach the top plate to the cooler. There also may be some thermal pads missing.
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2021.10.22 23:17 HereForAllTea I think Jose is the type of guy to hide his wife and pretend she ran away to have an affair

I actually think Rachel needs to be careful Jose. He gives me Dr jekyll and mr hyde vibes. He seems like the type to hide his wife, then call the cops and report her missing. Then make up a story about how she is probably having an affair and ran off to be with her new boyfriend. Then cry on camera holding their kids begging her to come back home.
Idk. Maybe it’s his beard/mustache situation? Or maybe I watched too many episodes of Criminal Mind
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2021.10.22 23:17 BigRue45 I miss you!

I know you told me you have no room for me in your heart or your brain. I am working to fix what I have broken. I just need a bit more time. I know the first time we dated you broke my heart by wanting to still date a girl. I know you just needed time to figure out who you are. Now this time it was all on me. You broke my heart and now I guess I broke yours.
I am ask for just a bit more time to fix this. If this is to much to ask then just tell me. I will still fix what I broke, cause I am a man of my word. I have never done anything on purpose to hurt you, and I never will. I hope you see this and know I think about you all the time. Please don’t give up on us. Give me a chance to do what I can to fix this.
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2021.10.22 23:17 Dannig178 Tristin Mays

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2021.10.22 23:17 stormfire15 You’re not worthy

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2021.10.22 23:17 sinmiedo24 Feeling Frustrated about my moms lack of understanding of technology

sigh. I am not sure. I am frustated because I have mentioned to my mom several times that she should take a computer class. I have also told her several times that she can't use the same email and password on different sites (where she hasn't even created an account on that website) but she dosent seem to understand that. This afternoon she asked me to let her borrow my computer to apply for a job and i did, the whole time she kep asking me what her password was and she kept misspelling her email so she wasnt able to log in. She also kept using random emails she didnt even have access to to try to log in. Honestly, since I have talked to her about a computer class, I did not want to just fill in all of the information for her. Because I feel like she needs to understand that I wont always be there to help her do these tasks and also that more and more tasks are starting to require you to use the computer, so it has really become a skill you need to survive. but now i feel like a jerk for telling her to "re read the information" or speaking sternly to her. I was frustrated, so now I feel like my tone was probably rude. Have you felt this way? I am not sure what to do, because i truly feel like these are essential skills she needs to learn but then i also feel like a jerk when i truly dont feel like I should be completing these kind of forms for her
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2021.10.22 23:17 SnooCats5701 To write an accurate headline.

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2021.10.22 23:17 pierrefranc1995 Bought all these at my local Cigar Lounge. Only recently got into smoking cigars so went with a wide variety. Which one should I smoke first?

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2021.10.22 23:17 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-eraclito-13

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2021.10.22 23:17 ferdobob Cant install qBittorrent anymore as computer says it containe a virus

So i have been using qBittorrent for a long time. A while ago I did a complete reset of my pc to have it brand new. Not sure what I changed, but now when I try to install qBittorrent (or any other torrent software), the PC says cant install the software as it contains a virus or unwanted files.

I have no addtional anti-virus beside the windows one so really not sure how to deal with this since it never happened before. If you guys have any idea, I would like to know otherwise I might have to do another full reset of my PC cause I use it quite frequently

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2021.10.22 23:17 NarraL PT Level Reducing Traps.

So i'm currently DMing a Campaign for 6 friends and tbf we are rolling. Made it around 13 sessions in so far and they are all around lv 8. The problem is the world and objectives I've made for the world ARE HUGE for what i've done prior. They still have around 6 major regions to go to for the MSQ and others. So i was thinking maybe being lv 8 atm is a little high (We use DM awarded Levels for accomplishment, not exp) My Question is, Have any of you needed to sneakily reduce PT levels via in-game ways to help balance the campaign?
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2021.10.22 23:17 Twitch-VRJosh My first time using a power washer in a short Twitter thread. I cleaned my parents' balcony deck which had accumulated 8 years of grime on the Oregon Coast.

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2021.10.22 23:17 sugarsweets_85 Patient B312

Patient B312
Dearest Louise, It has come to my attention that you seek a story, and, as it happens, I may yet have an offer for you. I’m sure you’ve heard a plethora of rumors and speculations of my lab. I would like to make it quite clear that none of these are true in the slightest. If you would be so kind as to help clear up--shall we say?-- some of these myths, I am sure that I could set aside some of the research’s funding to pay you quite a sum. What do you say? Your loving Uncle, Dr. Tryphosa Idunn
This was the first time in nearly six years that my uncle had so much as made an attempt to contact me, and of course, it was for selfish reasons. Luckily for him, I needed the money. My uncle’s “facility”, Indunn Research Lab, had made quite the name for itself in the last year or so. To be fairly honest, I had a feeling my uncle would come to me or one of my colleagues for this purpose. His lab had started as an isolation facility used by the local hospital for infected patients to prevent transmission of disease. Upon arriving at the Idunn Research lab, I was genuinely quite shocked at the look of the exterior. Having never seen it in person before, I had assumed it was just some rundown decrepit building, but in actuality the opposite was true. The building was in pristine condition! Upon entering, a shaggy looking desk clerk walked me to a small claustrophobia-inducing room where my uncle would supposedly be meeting me. Close to twenty minutes passed before my uncle finally arrived. He donned a contaminated white gown with faded red splotches near to the sleeve holes, which had quite the opposing appearance to his fresh, sterile blue latex gloves. “Please, nephew, if you would be so kind as to follow me?” “Of course, Uncle Edg-” “Please, call me Dr. Tryphosa Idunn.” “Yes, uh, Dr. Tryphosa Idunn.” He led me down a hall while babbling about some of the “amazing” work he and his assistants performed here until we finally reached his office. “Here, you can take a look at these files. Be sure to ask me anything that you need to know. Oh, and please don’t mess with anything else. I am liable for any misplaced or damaged property.” “Understood, I’ll be sure not to make a mess of your stuff.” He left to continue his work, so I started looking into what he had been up to that might’ve caused the rumors. I started looking amongst the files. Everything seemed to be normal, every file read out about the same:
File #12, Date: 6/12/11 - 6/23/11 Kathrine D. Jones Sex: F, Age: 33 Blood Type: B- Disease: Chicken Pox Result: Cured and returned to hospital
Aside from changes in the patients’ affliction, names, and dates, everything was exactly the same. But then I looked around the room. . . Of the entire room filled with filing cabinets, Edgar, or Dr. Tryphosa Indunn, only wanted me to look at this comparatively miniscule amount of files. Promptly, I decided to take a sneak peek at some of the other files since Dr. Tryphosa Idunn wasn’t present. As I scanned the room, my eyes landed on a lone filing cabinet in the far corner. It had a slight dent on its right side and two of the drawers had locks on them. I walked over to the cabinet and opened the only drawer that had no lock. Inside there were only reports on funding and expenses. I went back to the desk to look at some more of the files my uncle had laid out for me when a loud crash in the hall grabbed my attention. The sound was followed by a high pitched shrill and a voice that resembled my uncle’s yelling. I hurried towards the door to see what was going on, but I happened to notice a reflection of light coming from atop the door frame. It was a key! I quickly grabbed it, slipped it into my satchel, and opened the door. “Why hello there, Louise! Are you alright? How’s the work coming along?” He had a hurried and somewhat stressed mannerism about him. “Uh yeah” I replied. “What was that crash? Is anyone hurt?” “Oh no, no everything is quite fine. One of my assistants had a mishap is all.” His face seemed almost uncertain, as if he were looking for some sort of confirmation on my part. “Well, if everything is alright then I will get back to work I suppose.” “Do you have any potential questions?” “No, I don’t think I do just yet.” I would’ve liked to ask about the filing cabinet in the corner, but it was better to leave that out so as to not raise any suspicion. “None at all? Really?” My uncle seemed to want questions. “None.” “Then farewell, my nephew. I shall be sure to check up on you shortly once this. . . mishap. . . is resolved.” I reentered the room, closing the door softly behind me. Upon retrieving the key from my satchel, I rushed to the filing cabinet and unlocked one of the drawers. It took quite a bit of force to pull the drawer out due to the dent, but. . . what I saw next was nightmarish. . . Dozens of files ordered in perfect alphabetical order filled the drawer to the brim. That, of course, wasn’t anything bad, but each file had a bloodstained thumbprint next to a photo of the patient. I grabbed one of the files to take a quick look through and well-

 File #62 Date: 4/10/12 - 4/14/12 Adaline Masie Clark Sex: F Age: 36 Blood type: B 
Test: BloodBorne Pathogen - Pathogen transmitted to subject using several needles in key points during two tests. Test 1 - Sterile Needles, subject responded to Pathogen as expected. Test Successful - subject to be prepped for next test Test 2 - Contaminated Needles, Subject rendered unresponsive, no clear difference in pathogen’s effect. Test Failed - Subject Terminated Note: Further research required I skimmed the description of some of the tests this woman was put through. From dirty equipment to malnutrition and forced vomiting to “tests” with microorganisms, the things my uncle did to this woman were beyond atrocious! I quickly took some pictures of the documents and then put them back in place. I then grabbed another file. . . It wasn’t any better in the slightest.
 File #35 Date: 7/23/14 - 8/12/14 Jodene Tatum Georgeson Sex: F Age: 45 Blood type: A- 
Test: Lab Grown Bacteria Effects - Tested on potential health benefits of the bacteria. Test Successful - Subject has become immune to Aids Note: Subject has developed schizophrenia as a result of study- more tests required
 After reading the first two pages of the file, I couldn’t stomach any more of it. I took some pictures of it, put it back, and did the same to a few other files before taking one last photo of the whole drawer. I closed the drawer, relocked it, and then returned the key to its former position on the doorframe. I started writing notes on the files my uncle--no, he doesn’t deserve that title--Dr. Tryphosa Idunn provided me to make it seem like I was doing his bidding. When he came to check on me, my notes were substantial enough to say I was done reviewing his files. But I just couldn’t leave yet. While files are evidence, they are easy enough to forge and could easily be miscredited. I had to get more proof of Dr. Tryphosa Idunn’s wrongdoings. He escorted me back to the front room and bade me farewell. I begrudgingly returned the favor. I went to the bathroom for a moment to gather my thoughts and plan out how I’d gather more substantial evidence. Needless to say, I came up with a plan. We wouldn’t be here if I didn’t after all. “Where do you think you’re going, Mr. Simmers” asked the desk clerk. “I left behind some of my notes. I’ll only be a moment.” It was a lie, but it was enough to convince the clerk. “Well, wait just a moment. I will call someone to retrieve them for you.” “No, I insist, it’ll only take a moment.” I replied “Well, I still have to inform the Doc about you reentering. I’m sure you know how he gets about not knowing things. One of his standard precautions, I suppose” the clerk had a slight malicious grin on his face. “Yeah, I won’t be a problem.” I’m not a problem. I swiftly walked down the hallway with my camera ready. I expected at least some trouble. I came across a large heavy metal door plastered with rust. I forced the door open to reveal an unsettling sight. The unusually long corridor had doors lacing each wall all the way to the end. I walked to the first door and opened it. A frail woman with torn rags was strapped down to a table. When she noticed my presence, she made a barely audible mumble. I took several steps closer without saying a word. The table was stained with blood and other bodily fluids. The stains were so deep one could tell they had been there far longer than the woman had. She made another noise. This time more close to words. “I’m sorry ma’am, what was that?” I asked. “You ont one of ‘em are yeh?” Her speech was disturbed, barely understandable. “No. I’m a journalist. I’m here to-” she was quick to cut me off, despite her state. “Ten yours here to die.” “I’m sorry, what?” fear made my voice tremble. I could feel an intense tingling all down my spine. “Ya heard me. Yours here witout teh doc. Yours not allowed here witout teh doc. If I was you, Ida left by now. No point in tryin’ ta save us” the woman's words became more slurred the more she spoke. “Go boy. befer tay find ya.” “You don’t leave me much choice then.” I wasn’t speaking to her. I could hear several sets of feet marching down the hall towards the room. I quickly took several photos of the room. The biohazard containers in the corner, the vials containing several viruses for research, and the woman on the table, all of it would be exposed to the public, and Dr. Tryphosa Idunn would be brought to justice! But then it all went black. I don’t really remember what happened after that. There was running and a lot of yelling, I believe at me. Then . . . darkness. The last thing I remembered was waking up here. 
Epilogue “That must’ve been quite traumatic, Louise. You should get some rest before thinking any more about that. . .event.” The speaker’s voice was soothing, almost therapeutic. “But surely that can’t have been real, right? I mean it all seems so illogical. If all that were really happening, someone would have noticed before I did. Surely?” “Perhaps so. You, more than anyone, should know how easy people are to manipulate. It could be that others knew, but the information being gathered or the money offered was enough to outweigh their morals. Of course, it may well have been no more than a dream. You’ll just have to figure that out for yourself. But don’t worry, I will be right here with you while you do learn the truth” The voice kept the same soothing notes. “Now please, get some rest, Louise. You have quite the test tomorrow.” “Yes. Yes, I think I will rest. Goodnight Uncle Edgar.” “Please, call me Dr. Tryphosa Idunn.” His therapeutic tone faded when I called him Uncle Edgar, then suddenly came back, “Goodnight, Patient B312.”
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2021.10.22 23:17 Madder_Than_Diogenes Wagon Fold Down Cargo Barrier: Where to Buy?

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2021.10.22 23:17 UtenKullsyre Tattoo by @tomas13lee @leadinglightbergen (check out their instagram)

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2021.10.22 23:17 Broken_Obsidian Simps.

You got tricked into worshiping a billionaire child exploiting, cobalt mining, union busting, Tony Stark larping, credit stealing dumbass. He doesn't make any of the things his company sells, he just owns the patents and the work of the actual geniuses.
Good job gang.
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2021.10.22 23:17 Koifish_Coyote What's something that's good, but in a sad way?

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2021.10.22 23:17 Mushabon You can all thank Adal from today's AMA for tonight's masterpiece I made...

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2021.10.22 23:17 firerentersinsurance Please help: Tips for handling fire claim

My partner had been living in a single family home that was turned into a duplex. Very old house (probably about 100 years old). Yesterday early morning, we got a call while at my place from his roommate that the entire upstairs portion of the house was engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, one of the roommates up there died in the fire. It was a devastating fire that destroyed the entirety of the upper unit.
The bottom unit (my partner and his roommates) had a burned wall, but the majority of the damage is water due to the fire hosing. It is pretty much flooded while the ceiling showing bad distress in certain areas. Lots of electronics, bedding, and various belongings are damaged.
KEY FACTS: - Fire dept. has yet to release official report. Cause of fire is being investigated. There is a lot of speculation as to whether it was the landlords fault or something in the unit caused it. - Partner filed a claim today with his insurance - Partner waiting to hear from an adjuster. - We’ve moved a lot of his stuff into my apartment - His insurance is getting him a hotel tomorrow - They still need to investigate his policy - His roommate has also started the claim process
If anyone has ANY experience handling renters insurance or what to expect from the adjusters of other parties involved, I would truly appreciate any tips, no matter how simple they are. Thank you.
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2021.10.22 23:17 Obewyn UMSL cybersecurity expert demands apology from Gov. Parson

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2021.10.22 23:17 pigisnottheword This is a crossover comic I created.

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2021.10.22 23:17 Obewyn An Interview with Michael Feldstein, Surface Technology Inc.

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2021.10.22 23:17 doodsanddudes Winery Tour in Hendersonville, North Carolina

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2021.10.22 23:17 Puzzleheaded-Yam9611 Yummy

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