7:09 PM

2021.09.26 02:25 Harry_cranberry 7:09 PM

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2021.09.26 02:25 Far-Pirate-3896 Kratos playing nice wholesome game of base enemy with his sun

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2021.09.26 02:25 JeremyDeanPiznarski2 A little bit of humor for y’all…

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2021.09.26 02:25 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha🤔yes

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2021.09.26 02:25 ThatsSoEthan Enable Dual Screen not working

I have been using shadow for almost 2 years and using the alpha for dual monitors as soon as it came out. I have had no problem with it until now. shadow will pick up my second monitor but only display one. When I go into the control pannel and click enable dual screen shadow will pop up with enabling dual monitor like normal, but nothing will happen when it is done loading. Has anyone found a solution to this yet?
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2021.09.26 02:25 GlitchPLAYZ_YT dont ask how i get my own teammate as my target

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2021.09.26 02:25 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha🤔yes

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2021.09.26 02:25 daijagoode gold room from a bygone era

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2021.09.26 02:25 chrisor97 [Xbox One] 2K The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour - Xbox One is $11.23

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2021.09.26 02:25 recoveringPhD Garments are not an effective form of birth control.

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2021.09.26 02:25 Dyad9 Anybody feeling "happy" energy?

For more than a couple of weeks Ive been feeling "good" energy. My life is the same as it was a month ago but Ive been feeling "light" for a long time now, like my soul is super pure.
Is anybody feeling like this? Do you know what it means?
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2021.09.26 02:25 Mr-KennyPowers What's the best platform to buy BTC?

I have only used CashApp to purchase BTC but I think the fees may be too much. What platforms do y'all use to buy/sell BTC?
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2021.09.26 02:25 MrWilliamBlake Thoughts On The Noir Genre: Specifically Within Recent Cinema

It is close to midnight at the moment, thus it is the perfect time to rant to nobody. I should probably make this swift - I am currently contemplating how such a strange genre has declined over the years with respect to movies, and more importantly: why?
First and foremost, I would like to present a criterion by which we may categorise noineo-noir solely for the purposes for being succinct in the realms of this particular post (you must think me too pedantic but I assure you it is necessitated). Since noir is generally quite broad nowadays and some things could be said to be subjectively judged about certain aspects of a movie, these parameters will also be quite broad, 1) perhaps the most important is the anti-hero and the cynical nature of their environment, 2) specific cinematography in the form of stark lighting and mostly urban style landscapes, 3) possess an existential theme that propels development of characters in some manner, 4) convoluted plots involving criminality, 5) the arguably less important other tropes like the femme fatale that makes noir more recognisable. Broad, no?
Only some now cross my mind when I think of a genuine noineo-noir in today's standards (and by today I refer to post 2000s, at the most), ones such as Motherless Brooklyn, You Were Never Really Here, Drive. Please note that there are some spoilers for these movies down below.
Motherless Brooklyn was perhaps the most underwhelming of the 3 I have named, it features a tourettes-afflicted PI who investigates his mentor's (Frank, I believe) murder. Although, it was quite some time since I viewed it, I remember it possessing rather poor characterisation and uninteresting characters, with an underwhelming plot and lack of any meaningful catharsis, but it was safe to say that Ed Norton, who directed and starred as the lead, was pretty convincing as always. Norton is the kind of artist, and I say "artist" in this context as i do not know how I might address him as he had such a prominent role in this movie without doing him injustice, who is fervent about his art and you can see it with the meticulous details within this movie, but it perplexes me how scarcely any resemble his alacrity. Truly, it is a shame that this is perhaps the only noir movie I have seen to be released in the past 3 or some years. However, I am rather exuberant as a result of the pending releases of movies like Last Night In Soho by Edgar Wright and Nightmare Alley by Del Toro. Hopefully, this signifies the rebirth of noir or bird-like movies in cinema, but what the hell do I know, I have been wrong before, and quite frequently at that.
You Were Never Really Here by Lynne Ramsay is one of the most riveting movies I had seen in a long while. Phoenix is an alienated former soldier turned mercenary, "Joe", that suffers from PTSD through which is likely mollified by the fact that he beats the faces off of kidnappers of underage girls with hammers as well as repetitive acts of self-harm or a propensity to put himself in some sort of physical danger (the little games he does with his knife). Phoenix is a triumph in this role and Ramsay has constructed an unequivocal masterpiece. The beautiful dirty Fincher-like yellows and greens (as well as a very peculiar blue overtone during the day scenes), with assistance from a jarring score by Jonny Greenwood and some of the most effusive cinematography I have ever had the fortune of witnessing, these absolutely buttress an already emotional plot. And it is subtle also, you will not usually find such subtle storytelling. For instance, it is only alluded that Joe was abused by his father, through flashbacks of him sitting in a cupboard and listening to his parents arguing and so forth, and yet he 'still suffers' from him, if you know what I mean. PTSD appears to be accurately portrayed too, that scene when he is asked to take a photo of an Asian girl was astonishing to watch. For those of you who need reminding, there are like a flock of Asian tourists and Joe incidentally walks along the busy pavement until he is asked to take a photo of them all together, kindly, he obliges, after, the camera is fixed onto the face of one of the women as she looks directly at the audience and tears stream down her face without closing her eyes. Joe looks visibly distraught. And the film flashes back to his days of service as he looks at a cart or something of dead bodies, on it, a young Asian woman. The tragedy of this movie is evident in the title, Joe feels as if he is never really there, "there" being in the world, amongst others, it is only until the end of the movie that he has a genuine moment with the girl, simply admitting to her he does not know what to do.
I will not analyse Drive too much as I feel you are probably familiar with it, I need not mention the excellent camera work (that car chase), eccentric yet appropriate soundtrack and the seamless writing (there are good sharks), but I expect that I should probably reference that this is perhaps a pivotal movie for neo-noir, less heavy on cliches like the fatal woman and less on intricate plot lines. This is quite a facile story but masterfully executed: boy meets girl, boy kills for girl. And the focus on the morality of the Driver is the key interplay upon which the film is reliant, he is living in a cold dark pit of monsters and when he wishes to grasp a lifeline he is getting pulled down even further, in the end he accepts his brutal nature whilst driving along a night road and utilises it for greater purposes. Excellent movie.
I find that the soul of the inquisition of the infrequency of noir movies nowadays lies between the shifting cultural values of contemporary society, as it generally is. Personally, cinema goers now are more entertained by who is on the screen as opposed to what, the stars, as always, define whether a movie is successful or not, they are scarcely stimulated by the execution of the plotlines but the plotline itself. And who can hold the culpable? Hell, I would bet that the only reason people watched noir movies in the first place was that they were unable to watch anything else! Anyhow, this inexorably holds an impact for funding these sorts of movies, "experimental" you might call them now.
I possessed a great deal of hope when I watched Marvel's Daredevil, not the atrocious movie, but those who have seen it, especially season 1 will know exactly to what extent I refer, seriously, this is not talked about enough and yet it embodies a lot of the noir themes: the cynical hero (prominent in S3 when Matthew loses his faith), intricate plots (seen a lot in S1 with the corruptive tendrils of Wilson Fisk), femme fatale (Elektra in S2) and the whole show revolves around this faithful man who only knows how to give bruises to himself, to bad men and to all whom have the unfortunate luck to be in his destructive orbit. But they cancelled it after S3 so that was a depressing revelation, it explored abandonment, rage, ideology, religion and consequence in a manner so unprecedented that sometimes even I lie awake at night ruminating upon it.
I do have hope however, there are always audacious filmmakers willing to risk their careers and their wallets to release an impeccable noir movie - right?
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2021.09.26 02:25 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha🤔yes

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2021.09.26 02:25 RestlessPanda89 At this point I don’t really care what the price is I buy $50 worth every paycheck. NAKD is my savings/retirement. If it ain’t $50+ it ain’t worth worrying about anything

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2021.09.26 02:25 Silvery_Cricket Kid is the world's toughest man.

I think the big reveal for Kid and his big claim to fame is that he is far more durable than Luffy, not that he is stronger but his ability to take a beating goes way beyond him. I personally think that in Law and Kid's fight against Big Mom Kid is personally taking 99% of the damage himself, and Law is using his attacks that bypass Haki to damage Big Mom.
I also think the big reveal in the Killer vs Hawkins fight is that Killer isn't hesitating to attack Hawkins at all, because Killer knows just how tough his Captain is. He doubted him once and he ate the defective SMILE but I think he learned from that never to assume that his Captain would go down. So I think Kid is just tanking all of Big Mom's and Killer's damage and still going strong, and he will get some title or reputation for being the world's toughest. Similar to how in the end Roger was probably more powerful than Whitebeard, but Whitebeard was still the strongest man in the world.
Eustass Kid - World's Toughest Man
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2021.09.26 02:25 your-moms-dispatcher Bees doing their work! Canon RP

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2021.09.26 02:25 Pietuch Is there a way to use your phone as VR headset?

I've been recently searching for using phone as vr headset and found Vridge(Riftcat) or Trinus VR, but couldn't find anything related to linux.
I tried running Riftcat with wine but setup window didn't even show. Trinus VR worked, but it couldn't switch view port to other windows. I was able to see Trinus configuration window and only it. It didn't detected software running on wine either.
Are there any alternatives for those programs? If not, are there tweaks for those programs to run them properly? Even if that is not an option, are there any projects that use arduino or raspberry pi for vr on pc?
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2021.09.26 02:25 KorraShepard Shepard: “I’m sorry. Can you put some mustard...” Wrex: “I shouldn’t have to put mustard on my face for this to make sense.”

Shepard: “I’m sorry. Can you put some mustard...” Wrex: “I shouldn’t have to put mustard on my face for this to make sense.” submitted by KorraShepard to MassEffectMemes [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 02:25 brandon_the_bald [RhettBollinger] Mike Trout on Ohtani: "He's the MVP. He's just a truly amazing talent. What Vladdy is doing over there is unbelievable and he's in the race. His [offensive] numbers might be a little bit better than Ohtani but then you look at Vladdy's pitching. And I haven't seen him pitch."

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2021.09.26 02:25 Key-Dimension3745 Need totally flat white ceiling paint brand suggestions. Thanks!

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2021.09.26 02:25 throwawayboi711 [A4A] Game Over!

Was hoping to maybe get something started with a lady who just loves to dominate. For this I'm kind of looking for a big slime boss that takes a cute hero as a trophy after the party's defeat. Want some heavy focus on liquid latex, milking, level drain, and femdom here. I'm flexible and can be very detailed. Hit me up and we can work out the details!
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2021.09.26 02:25 Voran145 A huge Philosomia ricini

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