I figured out how to fire your weapons in the h.e.l.m!

2021.09.26 01:42 NervouslyLucky I figured out how to fire your weapons in the h.e.l.m!

I sat down on my controller and my gun went off so I tried to recreate and I did it! Just spam your fire button and your ghost bring up button and it does it occasionally
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2021.09.26 01:42 OurProgressive Climate change is happening now. #saveourplanet https://t.co/KjannB1NJJ

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2021.09.26 01:42 Ok-Barber-5729 andybrew and gang ran the board today and now concurrently hold the rank 1 run for all 8 dungeons

and they did it playing prot paladin and resto shaman
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2021.09.26 01:42 ToraNoOkami Alienware Shipping Experience

Hi all, quick question;
Does anyone here have experience with ordering a PC directly from alienware? How'd it go? Did the system arrived intact? If it didn't, how was support? How long did it take/was it on time? etc...
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2021.09.26 01:42 erinpanzarella There is nothing to figure out, just life to be lived.

I keep returning to the beautiful truth that I am free. Embarking on a cross country road trip with my best friend & watching her intentionally lean into her freedom & intuition is nothing short of extraordinary. She is reminding me that I always have choices to turn to. I can connect inward to my own truth & knowing to guide me. I am always home wherever I am. I am not meant to walk a path that has been walked before & that is a reason to be excited, not anxious.
The beauty of my life, my partnership, my friendships, my gifts, my calling & so many other aspects is a reflection of my own beauty. When I am hard on myself or struggling to see my true essence, the rest of my life is as if there is some lens clouding me from seeing the vitality & brightness of this life I am cultivating. When I return to gratitude & am taking actions that reflect my freedom, I am overwhelmed in the best of ways of how much I have received so far, and how much I have given.
I remember a time where I felt like I had no choices. I thought everything was laid out and the final path was in motion and I saw the trajectory & panicked. I still return to a place of fear at times because I temporarily forget my own ability to guide & choose my life. There is no final path, simply everyday choices I get to make that either are in my authentic truth or not. How the path unfolds is up to me.
I feel this calling to speak to others about how important it is to turn to their own compass and follow whatever way it leads you in this moment. It’s hard at times to know what the “right” thing to do is but it gets easier as you just follow the breadcrumbs being presented. Jess has reminded me that you can follow what gives you joy, what makes you feel alive, what makes you remember how free you truly are instead of the opposite. Remaining in & following your fear always leads to more evidence of fear being truth.
Lean into your life with openness. Lean into your partnerships + connections with love & empathy. Lean into yourself with confidence & compassion. You are deserving of the beauty that unfolds from trusting you can lean in & faith that if you do, the rest is taken care of.
There is nothing to figure out, just life to be lived.
xx erin
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2021.09.26 01:42 NemoNobody00 Found this sticker in multiple locations in Sweden

Found this sticker in multiple locations in Sweden
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2021.09.26 01:42 Creative_Unicorn Name my horse.

Is there a mod that allows one to name their horse?
- I made another post where auto correct thought I meant house... I want to be able to name my horse... my horse. lol
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2021.09.26 01:42 elevendigits 210925 Rosé IG Story Update

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2021.09.26 01:42 meneame_el_reddit ¿Eran Cristóbal Colón y el gallego Pedro Madruga la misma persona?

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2021.09.26 01:42 Shimmiy The most impossibly overpowered boss in the game, capable of bringing all of us to tears at a pace nothing else will ever come close to. Please nerf this immediately, Blizzard.

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2021.09.26 01:42 CarrotForNakama Carrot WILL join the crew

Yup Carrot will join the crew and there is nothing you can do about it.
I won't give you my full theory just yet. I'll just leave some links for those who don't know me and some fun facts to remind you just how strong her potential really is:
Before all, you will find HERE some content and threads related to the potential of Carrot.
Next, let's have a bit of fun shall we ?
First we have to be clear on the FIRST VERY IMPORTANT fact:

Why ? Because time is content and in the case of Oda, time is LIFE. Yes a writer can have fun, for example, Oda choosed to draw and design the WHOLE Charlotte family, but it was NEVER a waste of time. This was done on the very purpose to enhance the values surroundings Big Mom's crew : Family/Hono and the strenght innerant to the group and of course to elevate the fear factor of Big Mom as a mothecaptain.
In other words, Oda almost NEVER draws something for no reason and have fun. There is always a greater meaning. Must it be plot or character related.
Now that we got that out of the way, let's look at the second FACT:

There is a reason all the strawhats are more than just character but actual and relevant crewmate on the ship, every INCH of their design and development REFLECTS their post in the crew.
Trust me, this characteristic is not something common in One Piece, in fact you can count this construction on your fingers.
Let's take a simple example: Franky
Franky is not just a shipwright, he is the PERFECT shipwright for the crew, not only does he fits in all the crew's shenanigans, but he is also his own person as well, a very bright star among the stars. And all of this is reflected by his characterisation:
Franky is not just a shipwright, he is a crazy ingenior, a weapon constructor and a very creative inventor. And all of this can be deduced by ONE look at him. His body reflects what he is, Oda choosed to make as his shipwright, the overkill Cyborg !
But it's not just about the look, Franky's personnality and development REFLECTS what a shipwright should be (at least in Oda's mind): A Creative individual that must stay PROUD of himself and his creations NO MATTER WHAT. (Read again Franky's flashback and you will understand what I mean by "must stay proud no matter what")
In other words Oda used the famous narration technique called "milking" to enhance the importance of Pride by designing every INCH of Franky as a reflection of Pride and creativity.
And my guess is that Oda doesn't do that just for fun. No. My bet is that there is a greater meaning to it. The Sunny is a reflection of Luffy's family, but even more so, a reflection of what humanity as a whole should be.
Luffy alone with his liberty can't become the Pirate King.. Luffy and humanity needs Honor, intelligence, Courage, Kindness, Health, Knowledge, Pride, Joy, Abnegation and Wonder to become something more, something that could bring the world to it's dawn.
Anyway.. now we have the tool to takle the case of Carrot:

Yup.. everything here can be applied to Carrot. And that precisly why Carrot is such a exceptionnal character among all the characters in One Piece. There is a reason most of you feel that Carrot that Carrot fits PERFECTLY in the crew.. And this is not just because of her interactions with them..
.. It's because of how she was DESIGNED and DEVELOPPED.
Carrot is not just a funny bunny girl, Carrot is the representation of the importance of Wonder.
And because it's wonder, everything in Carrot's design and development is about OBSERVATION and ENJOYMENT.
A - First, let's have a simple look at her character shall we? Who is Carrot?
Carrot is a 15 year old White bunny Mink with bright hair like the sun. Bunnies are crepuscular, which means they are most active during dusk and dawn.. in other word TWILIGHT. And even when they sleep, Bunnies keep a cautious eye open for predators. Like Bunnies, Carrot is a watcher in fact she is one of the only two Mink with Wander.. Sorry Wanda, who is part of the Kingsbird faction. A faction that is allowed to march between the king of the dusk and the king of the dawn freely without falling asleep.
In this form Carrot has a bright persona (Oda words:"Carrot must look cheerful"), and she looks at things and life as she was on a magic train ride.
During a full moon, Carrot can transform into a Sulong, the werewolf form of the Mink tribe. When she transforms, Carrot becomes a magical and mature Lunar deity looking creature similar to Kaguya and the super sayan combined. In the words of Jinbe she becomes "mystical".
In this form, the eyes are turned toward Carrot, this time she is not the one who watches, she is the one who is being watch.
B - Let's have a look at how Carrot was introduced.
Remember, the qualification of a strawhat for a post comes pretty quickly after his introduction, it can be very subtle (Robin as the Cap giver in chapter "Road") or plain obvious (Nami in her introduction chapter)
Carrot is not an exception, in fact Oda went full cinematic overkill mode on the little rabbit. Something that is not so common.
- The first thing we saw for Carrot is her vision, through her binocular and like all the strawhats, Carrot is depicted as a lowkey threat first:
Processing img 59zwhyck5qp71...
Then, we see her face, worried and kinda angry
Processing img xw0622yp5qp71...
This tells us one thing, this strange girl is a watcher. Then we get this panel. There is a threat coming and it's dangerous.
Processing img few0tob16qp71...
Zoro is "on it" and the watcher becomes a FAST attacker
WTF? Zoro missed ?? And.. She FLOATS ??
Yes Carrot floats and people tends to forget that ability. Carrot is the ONLY mink who was shown floating midair while NOT being in a Sulong form. Right there, you have the first "amazing" and "shonen" capacity. It can be compared to Usopp's shooting skill, Nami's ability for predicting the weather, or Robin's capacity to read the poneglyph, this is not something the average mink can do (without Sulong).
In fact this is a funny reminder to one of Oda's comment in Volume 8, looks like Oda had this in mind for quite some time:
Comes the SECOND weird capacity: The weapon
Carrot is not the averaged Mink in her fighting style. Like a few Mink, Carrot uses a Glove to fight, and this glove is quite resistant, enough to surprise Zoro who was "on it"
Wait! But that's not all, In this panel we see the THIRD weird capacity: The Electro..
At the time, we saw it as the capacity of this weird looking girl.. but all the mink could do tha.. wait..
She is a Rabbit ???
See how in a few panels, Oda did not only presented all the traits of the Mink tribe through Carrot, but also characterized her as well ? This is what I meant when I said that Carrot's introduction was a Cinematic OVERKILL. And this is NOT the end of her introduction, because now that we have introduced the Mink, Oda will now focus more on the character of Carrot and dive even deeper in the next chapter into her capacity with the FOURTH shonen and exceptionnal characteristic :
The Jumping ability.. Of course Carrot is a rabbit so this appears as logical. But that jumping power is impressive enough to surprise even the creative cyborg:
Processing img z9w43abe9qp71...
And there it is, the final panel for Carrot. Transforming the little rabbit watcher into a full overkill look-out..
.. Floating back to her post like nothing happened..
So.. let's be clear. That kind of treatment is not normal for a character. This is in fact quite exceptionnal. Even the strawhats did not all have the right to have that kind of presentation. This is OVERKILL. If Oda was with us during the reading, he would have but two words to his mouth:
But.. at the time it was a simple presentation, did it raised eyebrows ? Not so much.. Because only the first part of Carrot's character had been presented: The observation. At this point, something was missing: The wonder.
Carrot comes in two part, all the time. That's why Oda choosed to make an overkill of his previous overkill, adding ONE MORE introduction to the character.

And thus the fearless Carrot became Carrot in wonderland. Yes, like Alice. Everything in Carrot's journey now will be a reminder that this little character is just Alice, going through the wonderland.
(By the way, did you noticed that Luffy is not jumping with joy at the sight of Wano ? That's because Wano is a land that has lost it's wonders. Some might say, that also one of the reason Carrot is not so much present into the story right now ;) )
Anyway.. With that second introduction, Oda is introducing the real Carrot, her brightness, her joy and wonder, this is the time when all the goofyness resurfaces, and this is the time when we know: Carrot IS strawhat material
But even then.. Oda had to do two more things to make clear that Carrot was not only strawhat material, but was much more than that.
You see, Carrot did not come alone, Pedro, her Brothefather figure, was there too, and we know that were a parental relationship is around.. the same can be said for the theme of the inherited will..
Did you thought Carrot inherited only Pedro's will to fight ? No.. She got much more than that.. Pedro is the only character beside a strawhat who performed as an actual crewmate.
As a look-out.
During whole cake, Oda did something very subtle. He mades Pedro pass the torch to Carrot in his fight.. but also as a look-out.

From there on.. Carrot never left the post. For some of us, it was more and more obvious.. but Oda did not finish Carrot's construction yet. He had one more thing to do, something that ALL the strawhat needs:
For reasons of time, I WON'T explain this in detail here. I would need twice the place, plus if you are interested, I already did that on twitter: HERE
In a few word this is something powerfull enough that ciment the character into his post:
To conclude:
EVERYTHING in Carrot's design and development was made to enhance the concept of Wonder. By extention, this concept can be best developped for a character acting as a LOOKOUT.
What better way to observe the wonderland that to be above it, in the sky?
Everything points to Carrot being a look-out, from her capacity as a rabbit: being able to have a quirky sleep schedule (something that the strawhat need (Sbs)) to her amazing jumping ability and capacity to float : remember haki does not matter as a look out, HIGHTS matters, the higher you get, the farther you can see.
Her development is the same, Carrot is amazed by her world, and what better way to express wonder than to make the character an amazing artist ?
But Carrot is also super naive, and she has to learn that wonder is not all there is in a pirate journey, sometimes, we can lose people too..
Do you really think Oda would choose to make a bad guy say something so harsh if it wasn't to prove him wrong later on?
Exactly, Carrot still has a lot to learn, but this doesn't mean she has to lost herself in the process, the sea is dangerous, but it still amazing. And Carrot will never forget how amazing it was:
So.. if you were a 15 year old.. and you had the chance to go back to the rollercoaster..
Do you really think you would make the choice to go back to Zou ?
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2021.09.26 01:42 Not_The_Spy Me and Tiky are dating now!!! :D

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2021.09.26 01:42 spikeiscool2015 Op did not like this indeed

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2021.09.26 01:42 Maximum_Switch_6158 EIGER launched today!Welcome to Brilliant project GAME Metaverse || NFT's || MEME's

EIGER launched today!Welcome to Brilliant project GAME Metaverse || NFT's || MEME's


Contract: 0xC416E4AB64cB92149Bc7bD6b28F747B7351183c9


Name token: EIGER

Symbol: EIGER

Network: BSC

Total supply: 100, 000,000,000 tokens

BUY HERE : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xC416E4AB64cB92149Bc7bD6b28F747B7351183c9

Liquidity Locked

Liquidity will be sent to the burn address.
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2021.09.26 01:42 UnusualSuspect43 Will I have to retake the Network+? PearsonVUE software kept kicking me out for a running background

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I wanted to stop ruminating about this.
I just took and passed the Network+ via PearsonVUE today and narrowly passed 744/720. It was a stressful test, in part because the test kept booting me out for having a background process running.
It happened like 3 times during the test, saying "dropboxupdate" or some other arbitrary process like that. At 2 different points tech support started talking to me to which point I responded with something like "Am I allowed to talk you? The directions explicitly said no talking."
At one point it booted me out and I spent about 3 minutes combing through task manager looking for the problem before resuming the test.
Anyone with similar experiences? Do you guys think I will have to retake the test when the footage and everything is reviewed? When am I likely to hear back about this, is just says "Pass" on PearsonVUE.
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2021.09.26 01:42 GaG51 Impressions on the Razer Blade 15

Had my razer blade 15 for a month now. I7-11800h, Nvidia RTX 3070. 16gig/1TB. Here are my personal impressions. I use it for gaming (fs2000 mostly) and office work
This laptop is FAST. It takes pretty much everything I throw at it. I'm working on a big cost model using Tableau and Power BI. It's actually faster to load and run from my laptop than to run it on my remote desktop (not a slouch either 8th gen Xeon).
The keyboard form me is crap. No numeric keypad, weird key placement. At my desk, l use an external keyboard, so it's not too bad. I suppose that if I didn't have that external keyboard, it would force me to get use to it.
I though the number of ports is adequate, I'm looking at buying a hub.
This laptop is small and light. Screen is gorgeous, but I would have prefer a larger screen, but $$$$
My previous gaming laptop had a touch display and when it's not on my desk I'm missing it a lot. I was looking for a touch laptop, but also wanted a 3070 and, AFAIK, there are none

So l'm reasonably happy with my purchase
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2021.09.26 01:42 Hedge76 Bracing for the inevitable Talibanning…

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2021.09.26 01:42 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 01:42 AbsoIution Does the wired version of the new Xbox headset work with other systems? Since it only uses a 3mm headphone Jack?

Has anyone got the wired one and has used it on other systems? I like the design and want to be able to use one headset for multiple devices
https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/accessories/headsets/xbox-stereo-headset this is the one I'm talking about
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2021.09.26 01:42 mlgblogs_ytboi999 A1 you know these are not normal mountains

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2021.09.26 01:42 Hexagonaria #2

My bowels have more movement than Bitcoin today.
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2021.09.26 01:42 WolfieVonD Ancient $1.7M Tablet Aquired by Hobby Lobby Going Back to Iraq.

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2021.09.26 01:42 BAD_CAN77 Dorion’s poison pill

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2021.09.26 01:42 nuhouse What does this grey part on top of those bars suggest and why are they different lengths for different hours ?

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2021.09.26 01:42 niqqa_wut I (22m) hink positively of my partner when shes(21f) away or i am alone, but when we are together I get so easily annoyed by her.

My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years now, and we have gone through a lot of large life events with each other. It's both of our longest relationships. It's her only relationship, actually. So neither of us are experienced in this area. I would ask my parents for advice, but they're both dead.
It's been like this for a couple weeks at least. When we are together, I will get frustrated and annoyed with her and it kind of builds these feelings inside me. I then start to pick her apart in my mind and define everything she's doing that is making me feel that way. Some of the things are things I used to like, but now they are annoyances.
Even thoughts of breaking up come to mind. I have tried to end things before three times in the past, but I've turned around and gone back on it as we talked it out.
When I'm alone, though, I become sympathetic. I tell myself I'm being too hard on her, I remember all the good times and the good things between us. I do sweet things for her and go out of my way to make sure she will be pleased. I try to be a dutiful boyfriend where I can. But then we get together again and these feelings dissipate.
This makes me ask questions like; does this mean it should be time to end things? Is this what a "rough patch" feels like? Am I not mature enough for a serious relationship?
Can anyone relate to feeling this way before?
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