Scary accurate

2021.09.26 03:10 No-Spray7304 Scary accurate

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2021.09.26 03:10 blueplanets91 Is being equally intellectual important?

To cut it short- If you and your partner get on with almost everything and are really good friends other than being together and you do have a lot of respect for them,
but you notice that you’re actually much smarter: for instance they miss a lot of meanings in any intellect-driven “deep talks” because they can’t really get the concept and are just really slow or you feel like your decision making skills is always better than theirs or that you’ll almost always be better than them in something that requires brains or things like that, does this pose a problem?
On the other hand they’re too good, almost perfectly good in every other thing. What would you think of that?
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2021.09.26 03:10 Boneless_pizza2 No, no I don’t think I will

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2021.09.26 03:10 Royal_Truth6507 MMGT 8803 Exam and Difficulty

I took exam 1 not too long ago and got around a low 90, but I was wondering how exams 2-5 are in terms of difficulty compared to exam 1. Would past students be able to shed some light on this?
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2021.09.26 03:10 Global_Key8301 To doula or not

Hi, I recently talked to two potential doulas. The hospital where I'm having my baby offers lots of resources and seems to be very progressive for non-medicated births and supporting the mother. My husband is also eager to be very supportive. However, two of my friends who have used doulas highly recommend them and both had good birth experiences. Does anyone have experience with or without using a doula? I also don't want my OB to be offended - Is that even a thing?
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2021.09.26 03:10 earlyseven09 Hibiscus Tea Health Benefits

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2021.09.26 03:09 DrumSoloOfLife Was Shepard being manipulated in their dreams?

After finishing Mass Effect 3 multiple times I've come to the realization that Uncle Harby might be lurking in Shepard's dream sequences to convince them that Synthesis is the only choice to end the war without wiping everything out with the crucible.
For the record I don't believe that Shepard can be fully indoctrinated because in Mass Effect 2 it was never in McHarburger's best interest to turn the most capable leader and warrior the galaxy has ever known into a puppet. For Harbinger, harvesting Shepard into Reaper brain food was more attractive option. Also TIM getting shot By Shepard in the gut when choosing the renegade option is a prime example of Shepard can break a Reaper's hold on their mind.

In other word's... Shepard's brain is too STRONK.
Notice how in Shepard's final dream sequence the kid and twin Shepard are looking rather sinister and smug?

"I know you feel this"

Whispers are a common side effect of Reaper Indoctrination and in Shepard's dreams the whispers are guilt tripping Shepard instead instead of commanding them. Fully indoctrinating Shepard is not the goal for Harbinger, using them as a glorified software update is the real endgame.

Notice how the kid who haunted Shepard's dreams seems to drop the innocent space brat persona once Shepard refuses to be a part of the Reaper's new software update?
Also worth noting is how the brat (Harbinger) doesn't like the "control" outcome but is not terribly sour about it. Harbinger gets the software upgrade it desires at the cost of its and every other Reaper's "freedom". But Harbo' might expect this new Reaper overlord to go back to their reaping ways once the galaxy eventually demands justice for the genocide that the reapers have caused throughout the war. Also Shepard dies which is a bonus for the annoying brat.
Ultimately Harbinger's obsession with Shepard leads to a final Hail Mary by guilt tripping Shepard that they will TOTALLY DIE, their synthetic pals will also die horribly and AI's will conflict with organics in the future because it's "inevitable".

Processing img xxzvpvictqp71...

I think it's safe to assume that Harbinger is a big stupid space squid and a big fat liar.
We know that AI's can coexist with organics just fine. The Quarians got along with the Geth just fine when they reclaimed their home planet and even helped with the crucible! EDI is also another example of just how extremely limited their perception of other AI's seems to be.

Side note: The Quarians might have backups of their Geth homies in Hard Drives and EDI could also be saved this way so I always end up choosing Destroy in every playthrough.

Is Synthesis really that bad?
Just like the "control" ending, this new mountain dew flavored organic synthetic species will inevitably want justice for all that genocide and with no Shepard around, Harbinger could easily steamroll this new species and be ready for the next cycle with it's fancy green upgrades. Also forcing a rewrite of every intelligent lifeform's DNA without their consent is kind of a dick move in my opinion...

TLDR: Harbinger's is space Freddy Kreuger and it wants to guilt trip Shepard into being it's new software update.
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2021.09.26 03:09 Dopey_monkey83 Any thoughts on my chart? My cycle is usually 33 to 35 days. First cycle without clomid (taken the last 6 cycles). Prescreening with fertility specialist. Did I ovulate? Vvvvfl indent on FRER at DPO14

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2021.09.26 03:09 tinnic Blood [Art by @kokiu_ on Twitter]

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2021.09.26 03:09 -K1N6- Did you ever inadvertently hold on to a fake card for a long time? This one is going on 25ish plus years

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2021.09.26 03:09 DuncanHenry My Sausage Experiment. What would you guys have done differently.

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2021.09.26 03:09 kevinkaye Janae Gagnia Mercedes Morr Father Discovered Bodies

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2021.09.26 03:09 YeezyAviator Formula Rig is Complete!

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2021.09.26 03:09 afenana My architecture (and many more) Instagram page

My architecture (and many more) Instagram page Hi guys, I just want to share my Instagram/Facebook page by the name Tasmaniarch. I post photos of structures, buildings and spaces. Recently, I did a bridge/underpass series. Feel free to drop some suggestions or ideas on my page (or here). Currently, I'm doing markets series all around Tassie (but quite restricted to open-air market, coz drone shots are cool af. Anyway, enjoy my fav shot of Bridgewater Bridge here. Have a good day!
Possibly 300-400 metres above ground, quite a nerve-breaking experience.
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2021.09.26 03:09 Metallica_Is_Bae God Snapchat sucks for their “story” page

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2021.09.26 03:09 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 03:09 Lild223 hacking snaps Dm

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2021.09.26 03:09 bobby31280 Just got a free iphone 13 pro with the Verizon update.

Any brands in the gun/gear industry that make phone cases so everyone can know that I’m a pro larper? Like the magpul cases if they made them for modern phones
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2021.09.26 03:09 k_pickles She’s got her Halloween vampire teeth in early

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2021.09.26 03:09 Proper-Major1793 Gamer de raiz

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2021.09.26 03:09 Fades4Dayz Guest characters I want to see join injustice 3

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2021.09.26 03:09 TimTapp Artist page critique

Trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong with my account. Why my impressions reach is so, so, low, regardless of how much I try to follow the Instagram rules for low amount, non repetitive hashtags( which in itself is counterintuitive, because Ive seen loads of pinup arts reuse the same kinds of hashtags over and over again to 100's, 1000's of likes.). I try to be consistent posting during the week, around a week on average, with a level of finish and quality that tend to do well in the past, and it's still limited reach with less than 10 likes.
I trying to give my followers something of value they like and what I like to make, but if feels more and more like is not worthwhile, or of good enough quality, for even the tiny corner I am in.
Hopefully some outside constructive feedback back can help provide some needed perspective. It would much appreciated.
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2021.09.26 03:09 Munchkinator_Mn Y'all remember this?

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2021.09.26 03:09 AustralianChrono Virtual Drag Race Season 20 Haus Wars: Episode 11- The Super Ball Lip Sync

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2021.09.26 03:09 Primordialbroth Tour

So now that Lifeforms is out, who is planning on going to any shows and what do you think the set list will look like?
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