[Rumble Circuit] - Chapter 1: Don't Look Back

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Upcoming physicist Janus Campbell is trapped in the world of Tersaia, where shadow monsters lurk the streets, anyone can be monitored at any time and fighting is the best way to make a living; either through the Rumble Circuit, a world-wide ranking of combatants that keeps tracks of participants’ wins and losses in competitive duels, or through slaying the constantly spawning Essencima that terrorize the population.
Unfortunately for Janus, he doesn’t know how to fight. No special moves. No signature techniques. Not even a basic grab.
However, there are two people that might be able to help him out. Itzel, an avaricious woman with the ability to manipulate the wind, and Gurk, a man-crocodile hybrid of few words that can control ice, are the ones that will have to help Janus if they ever want to leave the harrowing alleys of Labrisson and rank up in the Rumble Circuit.
Chapter 1: Don't Look Back There was a fetid scent that permeated through the air. Janus wrinkled his nose, every muscle in his aching body tensed up after inhaling what smelled like charred meat. He shook his head, his short and straight black sticking to his forehead from sweat. The moisture of the air combined with the oven-like heat made every pore in his skin perspire. After blinking twice and quick shake of his head, he managed to keep his eyes open. He straightened his posture, arcing his back backwards and took in a deep breath. This time through his mouth.
He looked behind him. From what he could tell, the coast was clear. Whatever it was that was chasing him wasn’t there anymore. Janus propped his body against one of the metal buildings and let out a sigh. Fanning himself with his hand, he took a moment to take in his location.
Janus knew nothing about where he was. The street he was on was dark; the lamps that lit up the road were nothing like ones he had seen before. The light that was emitted from the bulbous beacons was bright, vivid and precise. Vibrant white columns broke up the pitch black of the night. From those columns he could make out some of the features of the adjacent buildings.
Wires. Vents. Antennas. The local infrastructure had an industrial look to it. The weathered and rusting material that made up the buildings shown that they had been in use for quite a while. Janus’ gaze traveled up the side of the structure directly across from him. There were no windows. Only long open pipes that dumped a never-ending cascade of black mist.
Janus shook his head, still feeling dizzy from his previous sprint. He took in one more deep breath, coughing when he realized that he inhaled some the dark gas that a nearby vent was spewing. The taste of charcoal lingered on his tongue as he continued to wheeze.
What is this place? He thought to himself as he moved forward along the crumbling sidewalk. The heat continued to permeate through the air, making his exhaustion more prevalent. Another look behind himself revealed that he was still alone.
Need to keep moving. Janus continued to drudge along, keeping one hand dragging on the walls of the buildings beside him to keep his balance. The long and droning sound of machines humming became numb to him. He could hear a faint cackling in the distance coming from behind.
Are they back? Janus stopped his breath. He focused in on the sound, his heart racing upon noticing that the hyena-like laughter was getting louder. His legs made him sprint as he dashed across the sidewalk, passing through a pillar of light every few seconds.
Can’t… keep on like this… Janus’ run ended abruptly as he stopped himself by the entrance of an alley between two buildings. He leaned over, hands on his legs as he wheezed. Tears started to form in his eyes as the scent and taste of the dense air became too much to bear.
Then the cackling became clear. Even through the dark, he could see some kind of mass make its way closer to him. Janus stood himself up straight and wiped away a bead of sweat from his brow. He made sure to position himself directly in the light so that he would be able to see exactly what had been chasing him for so long.
“Fine!” He exclaimed as loud as the limited air in his lungs would allow. “I’m right here! Come and get me!” Janus pounded on his chest with two fists as his eyes fervently darted around him. The glowing outline of a huddled creature became apparent. Through the shadow he could make out a sort of elongated limb. A pair of large, round and yellow blips floated in the dark in front of him, staring back as if they were a pair eyes. Janus backed himself against the wall, trembling as he put two fists in front of his face in a defensive posture.
A long and dark appendage stretched along the ground. It entered the light, showing the stringy purple veins that enwrapped the limb. Three curved fingers rose towards him, spreading apart as the rest of the shadow became visible. The creature was hunched over as it heaved the rest of its body into the light. Janus tried to retreat, pressing further up against the wall as he watched the monster draw closer. It had a round dark head with two glowing amber eyes that stared at him. Despite the hunched posture, it still had a humanoid shape to it, one that became more apparent as it stood on its lanky and wiry hind legs.
It angled its head sideways and took a step forward, splitting its mouth wide open as it narrowed in on Janus’ face. The creature laughed at the terrified man, the air from its breath fogging up his yellow-tinted glasses. The creature’s arms shot forward, it’s finger-like appendages digging into his shoulders before flinging him onto the pavement with one great heave.
Janus landed with a crash, his glasses flying off his face during the impact. On the ground looking up, he saw more of the creatures enter the light, all staring at him while making a loud and synchronized hissing noise. He rose to his feet, ignoring the glasses that fell off his face as he took off.
He began with a stagger, looking behind him as he watched the blurry monsters pass through the illuminance of the streetlamps then vanishing in the shadows before reappearing again in the lights. Janus turned forward, focusing on staying on the sidewalk until he noticed that series of beacons that lit up the pavement was shortening. It wasn’t long until darkness consumed the area immediately in front of him. In the distance he could make out the faint outline of a wide cityscape; tall buildings glowed in the distance, just beyond a long expanse of flat, empty dirt. He picked up speed, leaning his entire body forward to increase the space between him and his pursuers. Janus passed the last building. He put his energy into one final sprint, hoping to make it into the field.
Until he hit a wall.
As he struggled up to his feet, he put one hand forward, coming in contact with the invisible wall again. It turned red as his palm brushed against it before fading away after removing his hand. Panting, Janus slowly turned around once more. The monsters had huddled together, three total, and crept forward as they let out their sinister hissing.
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A Wisconsin high school student on Friday won a federal lawsuit she brought against a sheriff who threatened her with jail time early in the COVID-19 pandemic if she didn't remove social media posts saying she had the virus.
U.S. District Judge Brett Ludwig ruled that Amiyah Cohoon's constitutional right to free speech was violated when a Marquette County sheriff’s deputy in March 2020 demanded the Oxford teenager take down her Instagram posts post or face arrest.
"The First Amendment is not a game setting for the government to toggle off and on,” the judge wrote. “It applies in times of tranquility and times of strife.”
The Wisconsin Institute for Liberty and Law filed the lawsuit against Marquette County Sheriff Joseph Konrath and a patrol sergeant. Luke Berg, the attorney who filed the case, said "this decision underscores that First Amendment rights cannot be dispatched with in an emergency. More importantly, law enforcement has no business trying to regulate the social media posts of local teenagers.”
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hi i want to get a small face tattoo because i think it looks cool. thats it. i don't really have anyone around me that i feel like can give me a good insight on why i shouldnt so i just want to borrow some of reddits wisdom.
"itll be there for your whole life" i dont think thats that long
"jobs dont like face tattoos" i need advice on this one because i know i dont know about it... but i was thinking i could just cover it up with makeup since what i want is so small
"you might regret it" thats part of the fun for me. i know itll cost a lot of money but if i was that desperate i could save up and have it removed. plus tats on the face fade more than other places on the body.
"wait till youre older to know for sure" this ones out of the question. again, this is part of the fun for me. getting a face tattoo at 16 is part of the thrill for me.
this is where im at mentally with the idea of getting a face tat. ive been thinking about it for about two months and i just want it more and more each week that goes by. please lend me your wisdom and i will take it into 50% consideration depending on how troll-ey your username is lol
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Tomb it may concern...
I know I’ve been posting a lot. Sorry. Lady looking for lads to write with. Just looking for someone with some free time, who won’t ghost. I would love to have a partner more dedicated and committed that if either of us get busy, I won’t just be abandoned for someone else!
I don’t have any particular ideas, right now. If you do, I’d love to hear them! I love a good fantasy setting, historical setting, sci-fi, but I’m open to collaborating. Having a craving for something dark, maybe with vampires, or werewolves, demons, dragons, merpeople, or magic. You get the gist, I like mythical beings. I like you playing mythical beings. If that’s not your cup of tea, please still message me!
I’m just usually NOT into Slice of Life, modern settings, or Fandoms.
A little about me. I am 28. So please be around my age. I can’t be doing this with an 18 year old, sorry, be at least 24/25? You can be older, just don’t be too much younger. I’ve been role-playing on and off since I was about 14, so this isn’t anything new. I’m on the east coast of the US. Reply length doesn’t really matter to me, the longer the better, of course, but it’s quality over quantity. I tend to match my partner. I don’t really have any limits when it comes to quantity. I typically play female character, but I am willing to play side characters as needed.
As I said, I don’t have any specific ideas in mind, I’d love to hear anything! I can also work with you to come up with an idea, if you have none and I like our vibe. Oh! Also, I don’t want this to be just business. I’d like to also make a new friend, and occasionally have conversations outside the story. If that’s cool with you?
Well, I think that’s everything! I appreciate you taking the time to read it all! If you’re still here, and are still interested, please shoot me a message, maybe start off with a joke! Give me a bit about you? Maybe a writing sample? If you just say hi and not much else, I don’t think I’ll respond. I look forward to meeting you!
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skjuta translates to shoot
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